Nancy Gonzalez Opens Hong Kong Store

Nancy Gonzalez Opens Hong Kong Store

Luxury handbag maker Nancy Gonzalez has opened its first stand-alone store in Asia. The small store opened last month and is located at IFC shopping mall in Central Hong Kong.

"Things came together in a very organic way," said Santiago Barberi Gonzalez, president and creative director of Nancy Gonzalez. "It's very difficult to find a space in this mall and we got lucky because there was a space that could be available and it was the right space."

Gonzalez said he chose Hong Kong for the stand-alone shop because of the city's international and diverse background.

"I was more comfortable opening [a boutique] in a place that's more worldly. Maybe people traveling here on holiday are not so incredibly familiar with the brand, but the Hong Kong high-end consumer would definitely be familiar because these are people who are traveling to New York City and London and Dubai, which are places where I have a very strong presence," he said. To promote the brand, Nancy Gonzalez is relaunching their website in both English and Chinese.

"The Web site was literally done for this store because in America and other countries our presence is so well known we didn't need a Web site so huge to make the customer so aware of the brand. A store like this requires it," he explained.