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LaGravenese Teases LAST FIVE YEARS Film

LaGravenese Teases LAST FIVE YEARS FilmBEAUTIFUL CREATURES director Richard LaGravenese has revealed more details on his forthcoming feature film adaptation of Jason Robert Brown's beloved two-character Off Broadway musical THE LAST FIVE YEARS in a new interview.

LaGravanese expressed plans to keep the structure - following a relationship from beginning to end from contrasting time-line perspectives - relatively much like it is onstage in this new movie musical version, complete with the two extended monologues of the main characters featured in the piece (as well as, assumedly, the majority of the musical material).

The production of the indie film set for a 22-day shoot is currently estimated at a small budget with Anna Kendrick attached in the role of Cathy, the struggling actress. No official confirmation has been made on the casting of Kendrick nor what actors are being sought for the male lead, Jamie, though many fans around the internet have expressed interest in seeing Kendricks's 50/50 co-star Joseph Gordon-Levitt or SMASH star Jeremy Jordan in the role of the young successful novelist.

In speaking to Collider, LaGravenese said of the potential project: "I have a little indie film that I'm trying to put together, which is a musical. It's all sung, so it's already written. It's called The Last Five Years, which was an off-Broadway musical a few years ago, and it's actually going to be off-Broadway again in April. It's just with two characters and it's all sung, about a young man and young woman in their 20′s who meet, fall in love, get married and break up, all in the span of five years. All of her songs start at the end of their relationship and go to the beginning, and all of his songs start at the beginning and go to the end. So, in the end when she's saying goodbye to their first date, he's saying goodbye to their marriage. And in the beginning, she's getting the letter saying they've broken up, and then the next song is five years earlier and he's just made love to her and he's never loved anybody more. It goes back and forth like that. It's not sung dialogue. They're songs, and each one has a monologue that tells the story. It's a great little piece . I don't know if it's going to work, but it's something I want to try. Anna Kendrick is attached to play the girl, and I'm looking for the guy now. It's like a $2 million budget. It's really tiny and small. It will be shot on digital with a 22-day schedule. It's a really small thing. So, we'll see."

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