Announces the Brand Assured Web Salon for Cartier Jewelery & Watch Resale Announces the Brand Assured Web Salon for Cartier Jewelery & Watch Resale

While working for Cartier International from 2007 until recently, Ginger Ambrose saw the need for a responsible resale venue & a "green solution" for gorgeous Cartier brand preowned items. Now, with those years of professional experience with the brand to draw upon, will provide a Salon Service for owners & collectors who wish to sell their first condition Cartier jewellery & watches.

" is the boutique many of us have hoped for," one collector said, adding: "For years now, I've had my first Cartier watch sitting in the safety deposit box because I wear my gold Cartier Panther watch all the time instead. You just don't see estate counters much anymore in the reputable jewellery stores, and going to a gold dealer or eBay just isn't for me. Now, provides me with a reliable place to take my watch for resale, where I know it will be appreciated and handled by someone experienced in the Cartier brand."

Another client said, "I love the idea of designer wear & luxury brand made available through high quality consignment. As women, many of us have to shop responsibly, but still want to look great in our professional and social lives. I want the things I used to buy when I was single, but find it harder to get them now that I have 3 kids," she laughs. "With, I know the pieces are genuine & like new, so I am confident in my purchase." is also about honouring labour, energy and the environment. "A number of people we've talked to over the years understand that Cartier International is an ethical company in their production of luxury goods", noted Ginger Ambrose.'s approach with resale carries this ideal forward. When items with precious metals & stones are not lost or wasted, fewer mine sites need to be opened, and fewer resources are expended. It's a matter of valuing what you've already consumed. is foremost for strict quality control of Cartier luxury resale and therefore has all watches and jewellery serviced by Cartier International to ensure their condition and authenticity. Only genuine Cartier brand items are accepted and endorsed, and only ones that are new, in new condition or, if vintage, in excellent condition.

If you are interested in the Cartier brand and want to learn more about's online Salon for Cartier Jewellery & Watches, visit: .

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