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BWW Feature: Finishing Act One with HOW TO SUCCEED at SDOHS

BWW Feature: Finishing Act One with HOW TO SUCCEED at SDOHS

The cast of How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying at Sandra Day O'Connor High School has set aside another week of rehearsals as they come close to finishing act one! Producing the show has proven to be quite a feat, as the students are putting together a full-length musical in only five weeks!

Speaking of the progress that the cast has made this week, Dance Captain and cast member Serenity Mitchell had lots to say. "This week was super productive. We almost finished Act 1, which is very exciting because we are doing a full musical! I feel super accomplished because me and my fellow dance captain Kristen choreographed Company Way Reprise and it looks super good! I'm so proud!"

This week, I'm excited to introduce to everyone three cast members who you have not heard from before, Connor Davidson, Taylor Underwood, and Sawyer Jenkins.

Taylor and Sawyer, who both play scrubwomen and secretaries in the show, offered some helpful advice for fellow high school performers, or even those that are considering being in their first show!

Sawyer said, "My tips for fellow high school actors is to just have fun because honestly shows are supposed to be fun and it's a judge-free place where you can just be yourself!", while Taylor added, "The only advice I can really give is to step up and just jump in. Some people are afraid to start for a number of reasons like feeling emasculated or not knowing people in the community, but there's no more rewarding group to be a part of than the theater family! Everyone is welcoming and it's such a great experience, so don't be afraid to join."

Summer show veteran Serenity Mitchell offered this piece of advice, "Get involved and discover what acting means to you. That's a super big part of theatre is finding yourself in your acting!"

The aspect of choreography is of major importance to this cast, and every time I get the opportunity to talk to them, the dance breaks and excitement about choreography days always arises.

Connor Davidson mentioned that "A Secretary is Not a Toy is coming along nicely, it's a very cute number that's extremely fun to dance in. Grand Old Ivy is extremely funny. Our Biggley and Finch add another level of humor. They both choreographed the number themselves!"

Serenity Mitchell excitedly mentioned the number, Cinderella Darling, because she gets to choreograph a rap part of the song!

Sawyer Jenkins attributes some of her accomplishments in the show to the choreography, adding that, "Some peaks of this week are learning all the dance breaks in the first act and seeing the show coming together! It's so cool just to see how everything works and seeing it come to life on the stage and it's awesome!"

Serenity Mitchell and Taylor Underwood also mentioned the costumes for the show, which are coming along quickly as tech week gets closer and closer!

Taylor is "very excited to see the wide variety of costumes, including my own. The color scheme is going to pair really well with the set pieces and everything will look very clean and pretty."

As for some of the technical aspects of the show, Serenity brought up a situation with a set piece! "The desks are super uncomfortable and you have to put only half of your weight on the front of the desk so you don't fall off, which actually happened to me in rehearsal, super embarrassing!"

Taylor added in a fun fact that may go unseen by the audience- "One of the set pieces we have is an office that gets rolled on and off stage for "Mr. Biggley". Jacob Shaffer, who plays Biggley, created a framed college diploma for his character, along with having a little photo shoot to get photos of his character that he's going to frame and put on the desk. The photos will most likely not be visible to the audience, but I think it's adorable of Jacob to do such detailed things".

Taylor wrapped up the week in a statement that just had to be shared. "The whole cast is working hard and putting their best foot forward which really makes it all look amazing. We've still got a little ways to go with choreographing the rest of the show but all of the scenes that have been blocked and parts that have been assigned make this show a must-see. I could not be more excited to see the final outcome of the whole thing!"

You've heard it from me, and now from the cast! Be sure to see How to Succeed at Sandra Day O'Connor High School in Phoenix Arizona on July 7th and 8th! I will be sure to add more details in the upcoming weeks. For now, be sure to follow along here on the BWW Blog for the progress of this spectacular cast. Two weeks to go until showtime!

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