Scoop: THE CBS DREAM TEAM, IT'S EPIC on CBS - Saturday, May 10, 2014

Scoop: THE CBS DREAM TEAM, IT'S EPIC on CBS - Saturday, May 10, 2014Lucky Dog "Bailey" - The Weiss family gets their golden opportunity when Brandon rescues Bailey, a five-month-old purebred Golden Retriever. But will this chowhound's nose for trouble be too much for the Weiss family's traditional house rules? (n)

DR. CHRIS PET VET "Family Feud" - When a man's dog bites his
girlfriend's little terrier, veterinarian Chris Brown finds himself in the middle of a domestic drama. And the veterinarians at the Small Animal Specialist Hospital (SASH) attempt their first-ever hip replacement on a one-year-old retriever, Brooklyn, who's been crippled by arthritis. (n)

RECIPE REHAB "Carrot Cake" - Chef Richard and Chef Vikki compete to see who can create a healthier version of the Savant's classic carrot cake recipe without losing any of the flavor. The Savants are a lively young family whose kids suffer from severe allergies. Ainsley and Luca both suffer from allergies to dairy, peanuts and wheat, which make it very difficult for Mom to find recipes that work for the entire family. While there is a long list of family recipes they could rehab, they find it most difficult to find dessert recipes when it comes time for the kid's birthdays. (n)

JAMIE OLIVER'S 15 MINUTE "Pork Marsala and Thai Noodles" - Chef Jamie MEALS Oliver's menu includes pork marsala, porcini rice, and spring greens. Plus, koh samui salad, chili tofu, and Thai noodles. (n)

ALL IN WITH LAILA ALI "Faster Than the Wind" - Get an up close look at the thrilling world of extreme sailing. Also, in Las Vegas, a one-of-a-kind dance troop, Jabbawockeez, amazes their fans, and view a rugged circuit of pure SPEED on the water with the super boats of high SPEED racing. (n)

GAME CHANGERS WITH KEVIN "World Cup Fever" - The sounds of World Cup FRAZIER fans all over the globe are so loud that modern-day technology is needed to record the noise for the future. Also, a dream comes true for a boy who travels to the Super Bowl on a search for answers. View a surfing legend and the art of a big wave rescue. (n)