Scoop: CELEBRITY WIFE SWAP on ABC - Tonight, August 5, 2015

"George Hamilton & Alana Stewart/Angela 'Big Ang' Raiola" - Actor George Hamilton ("The Godfather Part III") and his ex-wife, actress and former model Alana Stewart swap lives with Angela "Big Ang" Raiola ("Mob Wives") on "Celebrity Wife Swap," TONIGHT, AUGUST 5 (10:00- 11:00 p.m., ET) on the ABC Television Network.

George Hamilton is an iconic actor who has appeared in numerous movies and television shows including the classic film "The Godfather Part III." Hamilton's ex-wife is actress and former model Alana Stewart. Even though the couple was only married for five years, they've remained close and share a home together in Beverly Hills, CA. The couple employs a staff that oversees all of their needs, from cooking and cleaning to managing their schedules. George and Alana enjoy a stress-free, quiet life together practicing yoga and meditation on a daily basis and sticking to a healthy diet.

Angela "Big Ang" Raiola is a reality TV star known for her role on VH1's "Mob Wives." "Big Ang" lives in Staten Island, NY with her husband Neil, a sanitation worker, and her children: Anthony, his wife Gabrielle, daughter Raquel and step-daughter Brianna as well as grandchildren Salvator, Angelina, Arabella and Anthony. "Big Ang" loves her loud and boisterous life with kids and grandkids coming and going all the time. "Big Ang" runs the home, taking care of all of the household needs and regularly prepares big, Italian dinners for the family.

When Alana meets her new family in Staten Island she immediately feels out of place and misses her "zen" lifestyle but does her best to adapt to the chaos. Taxed with cooking an Italian dinner, Alana fails miserably and is exhausted when a few of "Big Ang's" kids stop by unannounced leaving multiple grandchildren for her to look after while they spend the afternoon out. Meanwhile, back in Beverly Hills, "Big Ang" is starstruck by George Hamilton, but she has a hard time adapting to the quiet home and misses her family. When it's time for the women to make their own rules, Alana strives to bring some structure into "Big Ang's" home, asking her kids to do more and give their mom a break. "Big Ang" wants George to experience what it's like for the everyday working man - especially her husband Neil - and surprises him with a day working on a garbage truck hauling unwanted belongings from various homes in the neighborhood. In the end, both families are open to change and enjoy their time together.

"Celebrity Wife Swap" features two women of celebrity families trading households, lifestyles and children (but not bedrooms) for one week. During that time, the women - and swapped families - learn what it's like to live in someone else's shoes, but everything changes during the second half of the week when the women make their own rules and get the chance to run the household their way. At the end of the week, the couples reunite for a raw, honest and highly-charged exchange of views in which they make frank assessments of one another and discuss the experience.

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