Photo Flash: New Photos of Kristin Chenoweth in ABC's GCB

Broadway veteran Kristin Chenoweth stars as Carlene Cockburn in the new ABC drama series GCB, debuting Sunday, March 4th. Chenoweth received a Tony Award for her role as Sally Brown in the Broadway musical You're A Good Man, Charlie Brown, and is also celebrated for originating the role of Glinda in Wicked. In 2010, she appeared as Fran Kubelik in Promises, Promises alongside Sean Hayes.

In the second episode of GCB, entitled "Hell Hath No Fury", Amanda (Leslie Bibb) becomes concerned that Laura (Lauren Irion) will be branded a "Javelina" or not-so cute-girl - a name that Amanda coined herself in high school -- while Gigi (Annie Potts) decides to throw Amanda a luncheon in her honor in an effort to reintroduce her to society. Meanwhile a devastated Carlene rallies from her embarrassment in church and plots to get back at Amanda, Blake and Cricket disagree over his priorities, and Sharon worries about Zach's fidelity. The episode airs Sunday, March 11th from 10:01-11:00 p.m., ET on the ABC Television Network.

"GCB" stars Leslie Bibb as Amanda Vaughn, Kristin Chenoweth as Carlene Cockburn, Annie Potts as Gigi Stopper, Jennifer Aspen as Sharon Peacham, Miriam Shor as Cricket Caruth-Reilly, Marisol Nichols as Heather Cruz, Mark Deklin as Blake Reilly, David James Elliott as Ripp Cockburn and Brad Beyer as Zack Peacham.

"Hell Hath No Fury" guest stars Lauren Irion as Laura Vaughn, Colton Shires as Will Vaughn, Denton Everett as Booth Becker, Carla Jimenez as Lupe, Patty McCormack as Chessy Bolton, Alix Elizabeth Gitter as Alexandra Reilly, Mackinlee Waddell as McKinney Peacham, Larry Udy as Snuffer, Boo Arnold as Fire Marshall, Guru Singh as guy with the clipboard, Maree Cheatham as Boofie Marfeson, Shannon Welles as Frusannah Faulkner, Hollie Winnard as Britany, Erin Alexis as Sapphire, Bridget Sienna as Carmelita and SuliAna Gonzalez as Consuela.

"Hell Hath No Fury" was written by Robert Harling and directed by Victor Nelli, Jr.

On ABC's GCB, the soap returns to Dallas in this deliciously fun, wicked new drama that shows that you can go home again...but only if you're ready to face the sins of your past.

Amanda Vaughn (Leslie Bibb), once the ultimate high school "mean girl," is forced to return home in disgrace after her marriage ends in scandal. Reluctant but desperate, Amanda has no choice but to turn to her mother, Gigi (Annie Potts), for help. Gigi, the quintessential proper Dallas socialite, wants nothing more than to have Amanda back and to give Amanda's two teenage kids a good southern upbringing. The problem is that Amanda is nothing like the girl she was 20 years ago and is hesitant about re-entering this world of opulence, status and salacious rumor mills. She is hopeful for a new start, but soon finds it's not that easy to escape your past in this tightknit community.

The women of Dallas are none too happy to see Amanda back in town. Carlene Cockburn (Kristin Chenoweth), once the ugly duckling, was tortured by Amanda in high school but has made quite the "assisted" transformation since. Now she has a picture-perfect, lavish life with a gorgeous husband, yet she still can't seem to let go of old grudges. Then there's Cricket Caruth-Reilly (Miriam Shor) whose boyfriend Amanda stole and later married. Cricket is now a tough-as-nails, successful businesswoman with a perfect marriage - at least so it appears from the outside. Sharon Peacham (Jennifer Aspen), the fallen beauty queen whose chance at the Miss Teen Dallas crown was snatched away by a malicious rumor Amanda started, hasn't really been the same since. Finally, there's Heather Cruz (Marisol Nichols), a bit of an outsider back in high school who has now become fully inducted into this twisted little social clique of affluent, sugary, God-fearing, steely women whose bark is as bad as their bite.

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Photo credit: Karen Neal/ABC