U.S. Army Selects RedSeal Networks to Provide Continuous Monitoring and Support Services as a Key Component of Strategic Network Security Upgrade

U.S. Army Selects RedSeal Networks to Provide Continuous Monitoring and Support Services as a Key Component of Strategic Network Security UpgradeRedSeal Networks, the leader in network infrastructure security management, today announced the United States Army has selected the RedSeal platform and its related support services for the Joint Regional Security Stack (JRSS) component of Joint Information Environment (JIE) networks allowing the delivery of multiple new Continuous Monitoring capabilities. The RedSeal platform gives the Army unparalleled proactive network visibility, diagnostics, and mitigation that drives improved cyber-situational awareness.

The Army currently has approximately 400 Internet points of presence – each representing a complex attack surface. By embarking on a strategic upgrade to its current network and security infrastructure, the Army will now be able to reduce its number of Internet interfacing points, thus reducing its overall attack surface area and enabling the RedSeal platform to deliver even greater risk assessment and management results. Gaining increased insight into its network infrastructure will enable the Army to make proactive risk-based decisions about its network security.

“Being selected by the U.S. Army to help take on the very large and complex job of better predicting and assessing the risks facing its network is further testament to the recognition of the powerful capabilities that the RedSeal platform provides,” said Parveen Jain, CEO, RedSeal Networks. “At RedSeal Networks, we recognize and take tremendous pride in the incredibly important role our technology serves in helping secure our nation's most critical infrastructure by providing previously unachievable levels of actionable visibility and awareness that significantly reduces overall risk to the networks throughout numerous civilian, intelligence and military agencies across the U.S. Federal Government.”

The agreement between the Army and RedSeal Networks is part of the larger shared IT architecture plan announced by the Department of Defense (DoD) this summer. The United States Air Force, Army and Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) agreed to a new architecture-sharing and modernization plan that is expected to increase bandwidth and network security, and will dramatically reduce future spending requirements by approximately $1 billion. Increased network visibility and risk management figures account for a large portion of cost-savings under the new plan.

The RedSeal platform is deployed at the largest government agencies and enterprises around the world to help security professionals discover and remedy infrastructure security gaps in their networks before the hackers exploit those to launch cyber-threats. The platform continuously visualizes key points of potential security breach, non-compliance, and attack risk in complex enterprise security infrastructure to prioritize remedial actions.

Jain added, “As a cornerstone of the defensive toolkits for some of the nation's largest and most complex networks, RedSeal is playing a major role in the evolution of how security, networking, and risk management professionals are coming together to adopt automation to achieve meaningful situational awareness and make risk-based decisions.”

About RedSeal Networks
RedSeal Networks is the leading provider of network infrastructure security management solutions that continuously provide network visualization and identify critical attack risk and non-compliance in complex security infrastructure. It provides network, security, and risk management teams with a firm understanding of where security is working, where investment is needed, and where greatest cyber-attack risks lie. This understanding, or "security intelligence", enables organizations to allocate resources where needed most, embed best practice into daily operations, and take prioritized action where needed. The world's largest government and commercial organizations use RedSeal security intelligence to build world-class operations that systematically reduce attack risk over time.

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