TV Guide Digital Delivers Record Traffic in January and Registers One Millionth Watchlist User

TV Guide Digital Delivers Record Traffic in January and Registers One Millionth Watchlist User

TV Guide Digital today announced a record-breaking month for January 2013, with more than 16.5 million monthly unique users of, more than 2.5 million monthly active users of its iOS and Android apps, and more than 1 million registered Watchlist users.

This TV season is the strongest in TV Guide Digital's history:

  • Monthly active smartphone and tablet app users and registered Watchlist users have doubled since TV Guide Digital relaunched its critically acclaimed iOS app in late August 2012.
  • For the second Fall TV season in a row, eight of the top 10 new shows added to users' Watchlists were picked up for full seasons. Revolution was the No. 1 show this season.
  • Streaming video discovery via and its smartphone and tablet apps has accelerated, with plays increasing 50 percent since September. The Vampire Diaries is the most watched show this season.

"Smartphones and tablets are bringing new audiences and advertisers to TV Guide Digital because we are a leading influencer of what to watch anywhere, anytime whether it's on a TV or mobile device, live or on demand," said Christy Tanner, CEO of TV Guide Digital. "I'm incredibly proud of our team for delivering market-leading products to our customers, from college students streaming their favorite shows to programmers buying our 'add to Watchlist' custom ad units."

Watchlist makes TV simple again: When users add shows, sports teams, actors and movies, Watchlist shows them on a single screen all the ways to watch - on TV, on demand, streaming and DVD. Users also can share and discuss what they're watching with their social networks or easily link to more than 225,000 full episodes to start watching immediately. TV Guide Digital's "add to Watchlist" custom ad units allow users to seamlessly add new shows to their Watchlists throughout and its mobile apps.

Currently, the top four trending midseason shows on Watchlist are: The Following, Deception, 1600 Penn and The Carrie Diaries.