Poster, Mobile WordPress Blog Editor Releases 2.0 on the App Store

Poster, Mobile WordPress Blog Editor Releases 2.0 on the App Store

Easily and quickly post to and manage your WordPress blog. Poster supports both and (self-hosted) blogs, and is now available in English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, and Spanish. If you're using WordPress and are looking to post from your iOS device, this is the app for you. Click here to hit it on the App Store.


? Full support for WordPress blogs
? Custom post type support - create, publish, and edit posts with a custom post type. Poster is the only app on iOS with this functionality.
? Dropbox integration - create and publish new posts quickly by selecting text or HTML files from your Dropbox account
? Markdown support - preview Markdown formatted posts and automatically convert Markdown to HTML when publishing to your blog


+ Upload images directly to your blog with support for specifying a featured image
+ Support for custom fields
+ Create new and manage existing Pages on your blog
+ Support for TextExpander Touch snippet expansion
+ Open text or HTML files in Poster from other apps to create a new post
+ Support for post formats
+ Edit a post's excerpt field
+ Toggle post comments on and off
+ Assign categories and tags to your posts
+ Set posts as sticky
+ Share your posts via email, Messages, Twitter, Facebook, and more
+ Manage multiple blogs and easily switch between them
+ Easily post content from other apps or the web by creating a new post from the contents of your clipboard


? Support for custom post types. Enable them for any blog within the settings.
? Poster is now localized for English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, and Spanish
? Edit a post's excerpt
? Set posts as sticky
? Edits to published posts can now be saved locally before re-publishing
? Insert images at a specific location in a post by tapping and holding in the editor
? Option to remove a post's featured image
? Re-order your blogs within the interface
? Improved URL scheme with support for a callback URL (


+ Typing a space in the slug field now inserts a dash rather than presenting an error, allowing for quicker entry
+ Maximum post download limit increased to 100 posts
+ Ability to edit a post's excerpt, slug, or comments is now hidden by default in the post inspector. They can be unhidden by tapping "Options" in the inspector. All fields in the inspector can now be hidden.
+ Custom fields can now be given a friendlier label that's used in the interface (ex: LinkFormatURL --> Link)
+ HTML preview and auto Markdown conversion now converts "--" and "---" to en and em dashes, respectively
+ New icon
+ Improved speed when syncing posts
+ Improved formatting when sharing a published post (unique formatting for Twitter/Facebook, email, and clipboard). Clipboard now receives only the link to a post.
+ Edits to posts are automatically saved. There's no need to manually save a post anymore.
+ Faster title entry on iPhone
+ Improved memory usage and launch times (the initial launch may take longer than normal due to a one-time data migration)


+ Fixed an issue where duplicate custom fields would appear on the web interface for a post each time it was edited
+ Fixed an issue where a custom field could not be removed from a post
+ Fixed an issue where selecting a file from Dropbox would not create a new post
+ Fixed an issue where the keyboard could cover text when editing a post
+ Fixed an error for blogs that have identically named categories under different parent categories