Get Away Today's Blog Helps Other Business Make Green

Get Away Today's Blog Helps Other Business Make Green Ogden, UT

At Get Away Today, Chuck Smith along with his wife Julie Smith envisioned running a business that offered affordable and fun travel packages to its clients. While they have succeeded in that endeavor, Chuck and Julie Smith did not envision the immense popularity of the blog posted on the company's website.

The most recent blog posting detailed the steps necessary to construct a Trick-or-Treat bag featuring a Disney character from the movie Monsters, Inc. The bag is made from a bright green felt material, and given the detailed instructions, it seems as though it would be a very simple project for anyone with the slightest bit of sewing experience. It would be easy, of course, if there were any bright green felt available.

A local craft store reported that soon after the blog was posted, they sold out of the bright green felt material, and would not have any more available for at least a few more days. “I've never seen anything like it,” said Athena McAllister, a manager at the craft store who requested the store's name not be mentioned. “All of a sudden, we had one person ask for the green felt, and then another, and another. Before you knew it, we were sold out. But people kept asking for it long after we ran out. It was madness in here for quite some time.”<

McAllister called another store a few towns over, only to find that they had also sold out of the bright green felt. “Usually when we run out of a product, one of our other stores has plenty in stock,” she said. “But this time, everyone was fresh out.”

Smith jokingly said that in the future they would let local businesses know what the subject of each blog posting is well in advance so they can have time to prepare. “We might have to start asking for a percentage of the sales,” he added, clearly in jest.

"In all seriousness, we are very proud of the popularity of our blog. We are also very sorry for any issues we may have caused any businesses as a result of the recent posting," said Smith.

McAllister said no apology is necessary. "It's good for business. We have a lot of craft wood in stock, maybe next time they could do a post about Pinocchio."

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