Enterprise Tester Customer Migrates From Quality Center

Enterprise Tester Customer Migrates From Quality Center

AUCKLAND, NEW ZEALAND - Catch Software customer Evenex, the Danish digital integrated solutions company, has chosen Enterprise Tester as their test management software and have successfully migrated their data from incumbent, Quality Centre.

Evenex first considered a change to their existing system when they realized that what they had in place was not going to fully meet their future needs especially as they became more agile in their working. There were further challenges around integration with the rest of Evenex's systems, including Atlassian's JIRA, which left the team working across two different platforms and managing data across them both. A new solution needed to be found which would be cost effective, allow the Evenex engineering team full access to the functionality they required and, from a migration perspective, seamlessly move all existing data from Quality Centre with minimal impact on the business.

Talking about his decision to migrate to Enterprise Tester, Peter Brinch, Director of Quality & Process Excellence, cited a "combination of features, price, data migration service and a trust in Catch Software's ability to support and evolve the product going forward," as the reasons Evenex migrated from Quality Centre. "We found Catch to be very responsive to our observations and they accommodated as many requests as possible. Our impression of Catch is that it is an organization that listens to customers and prioritizes new features based on customer feedback. Where we have had suggestions or needed support we have consistently received a high quality response." Reflecting on the migration, Peter concludes, "Enterprise Tester best fit our needs - collaboration and efficiency within and across teams has improved significantly."

"It was great to work with an organization like Evenex that had such a strong commitment to the project," said Audrey Cheng, Product Manager, Enterprise Tester. "The pilot was a great way for Evenex to get familiar with Enterprise Tester ahead of the full migration. We listened to what Peter and his team needed and worked hard to ensure that they were comfortable at all stages of the project. The outcome was a positive one for both of us." Catch are increasingly working with companies to move them from traditional platforms to more cost effective, agile solutions.

For a full case study relating to the Quality Center migration, visit: http://bit.ly/19eEFt5.

About Evenex

Evenex delivers procurement and invoice workflow applications, digital connections, and Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) solutions. They connect companies in all industries with their business partners anywhere in the world. Handling more than 120 million business transactions every year Evenex realize the need for clever relations. Enterprise Tester has been selected by Evenex as their test management software and is being used with Atlassian's JIRA and other integrated tools.

About Catch Software

Catch Software develops test management software for the global market and counts Fortune 500 and Global 2000 organizations, including Intel, Cox Communications, eBay, Sky TV, Bayer Healthcare, NCS, LG Electronics, PayPal, the US Airforce, and the US Navy, among its customers. Their flagship product, Enterprise Tester, is an award-winning test management platform offering great features and pricing, responsive support, and deep integration with Atlassian's JIRA.