Easy Home Workouts Help Reduce Child Obesity

Easy Home Workouts Help Reduce Child Obesity

The truth is new parents barely have time to think about which way is up let alone doing home workouts. But they instinctively know it is critically important to provide a positive role model for their children.

The studies related to child obesity are endless, all of which point to one aspect of the problem or another. Too much tv, too many video games, poor nutrition and poor role models.

As reported by the American Psychological Association, children are instinctively primed to imitate their parents and caregivers. They are incredibly sensitive to the messages that are sent about eating and exercise. Parents exert the most influence on their children's behavior and can model healthy attitudes and habits toward food and physical activity that persist as they grow up (Published 2009, American Psychological Association, http://www.apa.org/about/policy/chapter-12b.aspx#active-lifestyle)

So as a parent, combating the feeling of being overwhelmed is not easy when thinking only about raising a child let alone considering exercise. When it comes to raising a child and taking care of one's self, a solution which will provide a remedy for parents pressed for time who are interested in laying a positive foundation of physical activity for their children, is not easy to find.

With the scientific advances related to exercise it is now possible to do just that.

Home workouts that can be done in as little as 12 minutes are providing parents around the world with an opportunity to take care of themselves, but also provide a critical foundation for their children. In many cases kids can actually participate in the home workout.

Kyla Gagnon of BodyRipped.net has used the latest science to develop fast and effective home workouts which can be done in 12 minutes and some even less. In a fast paced world full of overworked parents with little to no time to themselves, this is a welcome possibility.

What's the science behind them? Gagnon has coined it the Xcelerate Effect.

One study that was published by the European Journal of Applied Physiology noted that when subjects performed intense resistance exercise, including body weight resistance, the increase calorie burn after the session was most noticeable for the first three hours, then slowly decreased after that but did stay elevated above baseline for a period of up to 38 hours. (McBride, JM. Et al (2002). Effect of an acute period of resistance exercise on post-exercise oxygen consumption: implications for body mass management. European Journal of Applied Physiology 411-7)

The unique home workouts Ms. Gagnon has prepared create this Xcelerate Effect, "They are so short you can do them every day. But if you can't do them every day and follow the the system, you should try to do your workout sessions at least every other day (so 48 hours between them), you will virtually be maintaining a metabolism that is higher than normal at all times and losing weight while you do," states Gagnon.

But Ms. Gagnon, a personal trainer and professional bikini model, highlights the fact that even more importantly, children will be observing their parents getting fit, feeling healthier and enjoying a higher quality of life with their families overall. When they begin to model their parents behavior and become more active themselves, the improvements in their physiology is remarkable. These positive physiological effects most notably include results such as better grades as a result of increased blood flow to the brain.

We can all agree the advantages of doing a short home workout sounds better than hours spent on cardio machines and some starvation diet plan that is rarely maintained for any extensive period of time?

Rather than trying to do something extraordinary, try some easy home workouts like those on BodyRipped.net and give both yourself and your kids a gift of health which will last the rest of your lives together.

Gagnon has invited anyone to join her on her mission to transform 25,000 people as part of her Ripped Nation Transformation.