Celebrity Eats: Miley Cyrus - The Gluten-Free Diet

Celebrity Eats: Miley Cyrus - The Gluten-Free Diet

Miley Cyrus has come a long way from the days of "Hannah Montana." The 20-year-old twerking girl has recently grabbed the attention of the media for her raunchy performance at the Video Music Awards. Another thing that has everyone talking is her fit frame. The once innocent pre-teen of the Disney Channel was always petite, but in the past two years or so has gotten noticeably thinner and more toned. Some magazines have gone so far as to speculate that she has an eating disorder. Miley has responded by saying that her weight loss is due to her recent switch to a gluten-free diet and regularly doing Pilates.

Most people who follow gluten-free diets have a condition called "celiac disease," which is an intestinal intolerance to gluten--the protein found in wheat, barley and rye. Whether Miley has an actual intolerance to gluten or not, she and other celebs swear by the diet. Miley doesn't eat bread, pasta, cookies, cakes, chips, and the food we usually think as "carbs" unless they are specifically labeled "gluten-free." The grains you can have on this diet are quinoa, rice, soy, and flax, among a few others.

Miley also incorporates Pilates into her exercise routine, which is a great way to tone and strengthen the body. As her fans have seen all over the media recently, she loves to show off her abs. But unlike most of us, Miley frequently goes on tour, and has extensive dance rehearsals, which also contributes to her slim physique.

Simply cutting carbs is not a guaranteed solution to weight loss. If you follow this diet but continue to consume foods high in fat and calories, like full-fat dairy products and red meat, you probably won't see results. People like Miley Cyrus, who lose weight by cutting out gluten, also cut out the stuff that's bad for you - like fried food and processed goods. Also, just because something is labeled "gluten-free" doesn't mean it's healthy. It can be just as high in fat and calories as other foods that do contain gluten. So if you're dying to try this diet in an effort to lose weight, the best way to do it is as a supplement to all around clean eating. Add in daily exercise and some Pilates and you may be on your way to having abs like Miley.


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