The Barneys Warehouse Date Has Been Set

The Barneys Warehouse Date Has Been Set

Barneys has released the dates of their next Warehouse Sale. Mizhattan reports that it'll begin on Valentine's Day and run through February 24th.

We don't know if the sale will take place online again and if this will be their last warehouse extravaganza. Yesterday's WWD article made it clear that the closing of the Chelsea Co-Op location had nothing to do with the store's performance, and reported that the building's landlord was planning a massive overhaul of the entire space for the next year.

Let's be realistic-it could be the last warehouse sale, at least the last at the Chelsea location. Barneys has released no plans to find an alternative spot for the sale. And relocating that large amount of discounted merchandise is a very daunting task for a company more focused on revamping it's luxury image.

For now, it looks like we'll just have to wait and see.

Update: Racked reports that this Warehouse Sale will not be the last. After the February sale, it will move to another location a block away for August/September.