Emerge Labs Releases New Stem Cell Acne Cream

Emerge Labs Releases New Stem Cell Acne Cream

Emerge Labs announced their latest product in a long line of revolutionary, high-performance skin care products. Stem Cell Acne Cream reduces acne by 40% after just one month of use and also provides a significant reduction in inflammation and redness on the skin.

In the past, Emerge Labs has proven itself to be a leading developer of anti-aging cream as well as other natural organic skin care products. Today, they have broken new boundaries with STEM CELL ACNE CREAM.

Emerge Labs is the brainchild of skincare guru, Cleo Londono. Ms. Londono (who is also the director of Metamorphosis Day Spa in New York City) stands by all her products. When asked why STEM CELL ACNE CREAM is better than other acne treatments on the market, Ms. Londono replied, "All of our skin care products are developed by leading scientists in the field. Thorough and excessive research is done as they scour the latest studies for breaking technologies in cosmetology. In the case of Emerge Labs' STEM CELL ACNE CREAM, the chief ingredient is Photostem Lilac. In this powerhouse product, science and nature blend together to form a perfect beauty cream."

The chief ingredient that Ms. Londono refers to, Photostem Lilac, is extracted from The Common, sweet smelling pink, purple, and white flower. Thanks to new, eco-friendly technology, sugar esters called verbascoside are extracted from the lilac. These molecules are highly defensive weapons for the gorgeous lilac and they miraculously retain their defensive features when applied to humans. As a cellular protectant, the lilac's extracted cell cultures work wonders on human skin. "This is what makes Emerge Labs' STEM CELL ACNE CREAM so effective," Ms. Londono continued. "It is literally an anti-blemishing flower power for your skin."


Like no other organic skin care products available today, Emerge Labs Organic Skin Care offers a complete line of professional, high performance products using the latest in plant extracts, bio-peptide and plant stem cells technology, and a common sense "be good to yourself" approach by blending the best of both science and beauty.

100% fresh, organic skin care conceived and formulated from the "molecules up" to be clearly the most advanced therapeutic and anti-aging skin care products that you'll ever use! Your skin has never felt so clean, soft, balanced and pure.