Polyglot Theatre's TANGLE to Debut at Lincoln Center, 7/26

Polyglot Theatre's TANGLE to Debut at Lincoln Center, 7/26

Melbourne-based Polyglot Theatre will have its first foray into the New York City arts scene this month, presenting the U.S. premiere of one of the company's most successful interactive installation works, Tangle, at the city's famous Lincoln Center from July 26th.

Tangle is a beautifully chaotic and ever-morphing art installation, involving 25 poles of different heights among which children—assisted by costumed performers, the 'Weavers'—unspool balls of brightly colored elastic. Simple yet complex, the innovative work draws children (and their grownups) into a wonky web that also serves as an evocative metaphor for instinct, connection, and community.

This is the first time the company, whose artistic works focus on responding to the childhood need for experiences that encourage free artistic expression and an imaginative interpretation of the world, will present in New York. The work forms part of the Lincoln Center Out of Doors festival, and takes place on the central Josie Robertson Plaza, one of the busiest locations during summer in the popular tourist destination. Tangle is expected to draw an audience of 24,000 people.

Polyglot Theatre's Artistic Director Sue Giles says, "This tour is a fantastic peak for us, with Tangle having such a high profile presentation in a country that has opened its arms to this big public space interactive form. Playing at the Lincoln Center is tremendously exciting and we are looking forward to having great fun with the New Yorkers, celebrating the creativity of local children and their families through this shared live art work."

It is not, however, Polyglot's first time touring internationally. Touring shows include Sticky Maze, We Built This City, Muckheap, Paper Planet, and their roving acts, which have been to places such as Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan, China, Japan, the UK, Singapore, and the USA on their international schedules, as well as Australia and Australian Capital Cities.