Cynthia-Reeves at ART 13 London with Museum Exhibiting Artists

Cynthia-Reeves at ART 13 London with Museum Exhibiting Artists

Cynthia-Reeves is pleased to participate in the debut edition of Art13 London, a new fair dedicated to international contemporary art, opening on Thursday, February 28 and running through Sunday, March 3 at the Olympia Grand Hall in West London. Widely viewed as the most eagerly anticipated art fair in London in over a decade, Art13 London will showcase over 120 leading international galleries from over 30 countries. Cynthia-Reeves is featuring work by Shen Chen, John Grade, Jonathan Prince, Dawn Black, and Suite42Projects, a collaboration between gallery artist, Danielle Julian Norton, and Tarrah Krajnak, among other distinguishEd Gallery artists.

Following Shen Chen's recent WILO Foundation exhibition, "Chinese Abstract: Slow Art" - shown in both Germany and China - two of his recent high-color paintings will be featured at Cynthia-Reeves. Chen's meticulous layering of color achieves resonant tonal hues, and manifests a rigorous discipline supported by the control of his breath. To create his subtle ombré surfaces, Chen works with the canvas on the studio floor. He layers the paint in precisely calibrated vertical brushstrokes; the discrete horizontal lines visible on the surface are a record of where each brushstroke - and attendant breath - ends.

Chen's work was included in the 2012 exhibition "Abstract Painting Today," which traveled from the Singer Museum in the Netherlands to the Kunsthalle Recklinghausen in Germany. The artist's next international exhibition will be in Shanghai later this year. Shen Chen has been exhibiting with CYNTHIA-REEVES since 2008.

The gallery is excited to present a commissioned work from the lauded Conceal Project by emerging artist, Dawn Black. The Conceal Project, an ongoing inquiry for the artist, is an assemblage of 7½ x 5½ inch panels, each featuring a singular character beautifully rendered in watercolor, ink and gouache. These figures are iconic images the artists finds in contemporary and historical publications, including fashion and adult magazines, National Geographic, etc., each a source for archetypal images of costume, ritual dress, religious finery. She is drawn to clothing and costume for its transformative nature. They allow us to signify, at once, identity, ritual, power, sexuality in a malleable way: as we change our clothes, we change how we perceive ourselves and how others perceive us. The Columbus Museum, GA, recently acquired 12 panels from their exhibition of the Conceal Project, and the Museo della Carta e della Filigrana acquired Oubliette 2, after her inclusion in their recent group show on watercolor painters, of which the painting will now travel to The Fundacio Pedro Cano in Blanca, Spain, through April 2013. Black has been exhibiting with CYNTHIA-REEVES since 2010.

For Art13 London, CYNTHIA-REEVES will present works from Danielle Julian Norton and Tarrah Krajnak's collaboration, Suite42Projects: Heart Abortion Series. Their artistic endeavors (2009-2011) produced performance-based works that explore invented characters mined from the history of conceptual performance art and popular film. They displace these characters within absurd narratives, which, in turn, reference the artist at work, the psychology of relationships, and examine the role and expectations of the artist within larger governing influences that construct individual identity.

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