Linda Bloodworth-Thomason Reveals Details of Broadway-Bound FIRST WIVES CLUB: 'It's a Talksicle'

Linda Bloodworth-Thomason Reveals Details of Broadway-Bound FIRST WIVES CLUB: 'It's a Talksicle'Linda Bloodworth-Thomason, best known as the scribe behind the late '80's hit TV series 'Designing Women', will produce the Broadway-bound FIRST WIVES CLUB, a new musical which Bloodworth-Thomason penned alongside Tony Award winner Rupert Holmes.

The writer spoke about her newest project in Cindy Adams' Page Six of today's New York Post. "It'll have ballads. Our people will have to sing," she explains. "I've been casting in New York and Hollywood, but not picked anyone yet. Stars aren't a requisite. I'm looking for talent. I'm seeing actresses that sing great, do comedy and can get hilarious while hitting a high note."

Bloodworth-Thomason, who also penned 1996's 'First Wives' movie, continues, "It's a talksicle. It's funny and takes place in '92. It's not 'Designing Women,' because that dumb culture's over. It's the feminine side of the '90s. But we didn't use the old script. Didn't even reread it. I don't do rewrites."

The writer, a close friend to Bill and Hillary Clinton, also shared that the power couple are excited to see the project come to fruition. "The Clintons said they'll come to whichever opening we have. It'll be Chicago, best theater in the heart of the country, for six weeks. Our goal's New York next fall."

The Broadway-bound musical features a score by Brian Holland, Lamont Dozier and Eddie Holland and premiered at San Diego's Old Globe in 2009. It is set to get a pre-Broadway run at Chicago's Oriental Theatre, opening February 16, 2015. The production will be directed by Simon Phillips.

The show is described as a funny, moving and empowering musical based on the smash-hit movie comedy and Olivia Goldsmith's bestselling novel. The story follows former college friends reunite at middle-age and soon discover they share the same unhappy story - their ungrateful husbands careened into midlife by dumping them for younger women. Inspired by their renewed friendship, the three women band together and take back their lives in style.

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