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BWW Blog: Emma Suttell - As One Journey Ends… Another Begins

BWW Blog: Emma Suttell - As One Journey Ends… Another Begins
Myself with several of my amazing castmates
after closing night of Honk!

With one final set of bows, the second and final weekend of Honk the Musical has come to an end. All around the room tears were shed as our choreographer reminded us all that never again would we work on the same project with the same group of people. The lighthearted cast had one final laugh together as our vocal director told jokes before we took the stage for the last time.

I have to admit, being a part of this cast, I experienced a chemistry between all of my castmates unlike any other I have ever had. Coming to the theatre each day after school was refreshing and always provided new opportunities to have in-depth conversations with people from all ages and backgrounds. As you can imagine, the middle schoolers were always rambling about something different than the high schoolers or adults. Each day provided a new opportunity to bond over a shared love for theatre, and everyone in this cast definitely took advantage of that.

Although I was upset that Honk had finally closed, as I attended the cast party at a local Italian restaurant, I was reminded of the journey I have up ahead. Auditions for Seussical Jr are quickly approaching, scheduled for April Fool's Day, while auditions for the youth production of Willy Wonka Jr were that same morning. I had spent that fast-paced Sunday morning with 68 children at a dance call and callbacks for the show.

The Saturday before, I introduced myself to 68 children between the ages of 5-13, and gave them words of encouragement before they stepped up onstage to do their audition. For Willy Wonka, I was given the role of a stage manager in-training, meaning I will be assisting with the entire rehearsal process.

The children in the dance call learned two different combos, two for the various ages in the cast. The entire show encompasses several different character types, and all of the children had a chance to show off their acting skills throughout the dance call, altering moves to portray their choice of character.

Some children were held for callbacks, that lasted several more hours. I couldn't believe my eyes or ears anytime that any child sang; all of them were so talented and I can't wait to work with them for the next couple of weeks.

So, as I mentioned before, as my journey with my own cast of Honk comes to a close, my journey with the wonderful cast of Willy Wonka has just begun. I can't wait to share with you all of my experiences as a stage manager in training and fill you in on every task I will have to conquer!

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