Video: Introducing Sonic-Ear for iPad

Sonic-Ear for iPad works by redirecting sound forward, towards the viewer, making the iPad sound louder.

Whether watching a movie, listening to music, or making a presentation, the Sonic-Ear makes it sound louder. Since it slips onto the iPad, it can go everywhere the iPad goes. No extra cabling, no batteries and no hassle.

The Sonic-Ear can be left on the iPad. It is smart cover compatible. The iPad can also be charged without removing the device.

Sonic-Ear is made in an environmentally friendly and sustainable way using a plastic substitute that is derived from plants. This helps to reduce green house gas emissions. Since it is made from carbon-absorbing plants, it is "carbon neutral" and is yet another way to reduce our emissions of green house gases in a quickly warming world.

This product is also made in North America, creating jobs in both the United States and Canada.

Unlike plastic injection molded parts, SONIC-Ear is instead made as a single component with a process called 3D printing. It typically takes an hour to make one SONIC-Ear compared to 60 parts that can be made in the same time with injectionmoulding. It is a more expensive process, however the benefit is athin, light weight, strong, single contiguous component without seams or screws.

Sonic-Ear enhances the listening experience while at work, at home, or on the-go.

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Video: Introducing Sonic-Ear for iPad