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BWW Weighs In: Bite Me: 14 Things You Should Know About Nutrition by Tanner Baze of MARK FISHER FITNESS
by Mark Fisher Fitness

Nutrition is a notoriously sticky subject. For every single person out there who preaches the benefits of eating plenty of protein, there's an army of vegans storming their gates, forks in hand, ready... (more...)

BWW Weighs In: The Art of Possibility: 3 Steps to Creating Meaningful Behavior Change by Staci Jackson
by Christina Mancuso

How would your life change if you practiced the art of possibility? (more...)

BWW Weighs In: What Every Pregnant Ninja Needs to Know About Their Fitness by Amanda Ting
by Mark Fisher Fitness

Historically, women have been advised to stop exercising when they became pregnant, with many physicians and healthcare professionals treating pregnancy as an illness or disability. Women were also to... (more...)

BWW Weighs In: The Best Bang For Your Buck and Body
by Samantha Palermo

With so many boutique fitness studios thriving, you might be asking the same question as my clients; which fitness class best suits my needs? With limited time and a limited budget, what's the best ba... (more...)

BWW Blog: Meditate, Don't Caffeinate by Emily Fletcher, Ziva Meditation
by Emily Fletcher

When was the last time you dragged yourself to an open call at 6AM without a cup of coffee in hand? What about when you're left for a friend's birthday party after the eighth show of the week, did you... (more...)

BWW Weighs In: The Real Truth About Lifting and Bulking for Women - By Elizabeth Stacey
by Mark Fisher Fitness

Muscle is beautiful. Muscle is powerful. And muscle is darn right magical when you think about it! A muscle contracts or releases in order to pull our bones closer together or farther apart, which cre... (more...)

BWW Weighs In: Spring Cleaning for the Mind and Body
by Samantha Palermo

Spring is here! It's the perfect time of year to shed old habits and introduce a few new practices into your daily life. Spring cleaning isn't just for your closet anymore, this is spring cleaning for... (more...)

BWW Blog: - Chris Crowthers - F*ck Off, Seamless. Viva la Cook at Home Revolution!
by Chris Crowthers

We've become a society that wants food NOW. (more...)

BWW Weighs In: Mark Fisher Fitness - Your Ultimate Guide To Staying Fit On The Road
by Guest Blogger: Mark Fisher

One of the greatest fitness challenges is staying on your game when your life requires lots of travel. (more...)

BWW Blog: THE IDEAL BODY by Samantha Palermo
by Samantha Palermo

The good old 'ideal body' question is something almost all of us have, at some point in our lives, stood in front of a mirror and wondered. Everyone should love their body. But for performers, the bod... (more...)

BWW Blog: Emily Fletcher - You Are Stronger Than Your Resistance
by Emily Fletcher

I want you to take a second and get really honest, think back to December 31st of 2016. Maybe you did an afternoon of journaling. Maybe you simply made a few 'notes to self' on the notepad app on your... (more...)

BWW Weighs In: Steph Wilberding - If Abs Are Made in the Kitchen, How Come We Never Hang Out There?
by Mark Fisher Fitness

If 80% of weight loss and transformation is what you eat, then why are you spending more time at the gym than in the kitchen? (more...)

BWW Weighs In: The One Muscle You May Not Be Working by Chris Crowthers
by Mark Fisher Fitness

Here at MFF, we're used to building up our muscles… whether that be with kettlebell swings, squats, or bench presses. (more...)

BWW Weighs In: The Easiest Approach To Get On (Or Back On) The Fitness Wagon
by Mark Fisher Fitness

It's pretty common for those pursuing a life of health and hotness to fall off the wagon from time to time. After all, modern times ask a lot of all of us. It's hard enough just balancing our family, ... (more...)

BWW Weighs In: Embracing Indulgence Over the Holidays by Steph Wilberding of MARK FISHER FITNESS
by Mark Fisher Fitness

d be the most wonderful time of the year, I'm sure many of us have had the experience of looking back on December and saying, 'I completely lost my shit with food!' Then we immediately look at January... (more...)

BWW Weighs In: Healthy Gainz, Part 2: Quality Counts by Landen Jones of MARK FISHER FITNESS
by Mark Fisher Fitness

Welcome back everyone! Thank you for reading the first installment of this series. Now that we know how many calories and grams of protein we need… (more...)

BWW Blog: The Spunky Ballerina - 7 Tips for Having a Happy, Healthy Flight
by Emily Ramirez

7 tips to help you stay healthy and radiant on your next plane ride. (more...)

BWW Weighs In: Healthy Gainz, Part 1: Fueling Your Body for Muscle Growth - By Landen Jones
by Mark Fisher Fitness

This is part one of a two-part series on fueling your body for muscle gain while eating healthfully. Part two will explore the benefits of minimally processed food choices to take your GAINZ to even m... (more...)

Beauty Beat: The Perfect Care To Combat Fatigue, Puffiness and Dark Circles
by Evlin Symon

With our busy lives, we often forget to attend to the health of our bodies. We bring work to home and sometimes only gain a few hours of sleep in order to get ready for the next day's big meeting or p... (more...)

BWW Blog: Miranda Jackel - Broadway and Fitness Join Forces at Flywheel!
by Guest Blogger: Miranda Jackel

So, I like to eat. Like, a lot. Ok, actually, I'm not going to beat around the bush: I'M LITERALLY OBSESSED WITH FOOD...which means that I have to work out. (I swear this relates to theater, don't giv... (more...)

BWW Weighs In: Michael 'Jesus of Unicorpia' Littig - The Power of Ritual
by Mark Fisher Fitness

I've been thinking a lot about the power of ritual this summer. (more...)

BWW Weighs In: Ali Solomon Shares Her Story of Glory
by Mark Fisher Fitness

Every so often a person or an experience comes into your life, and you know that he/she/it will remain a part of you for a very long time. Beyond that, there is a feeling you get that cannot be explai... (more...)

The Spunky Ballerina Recommends - Rolling Out
by Emily Ramirez

One way dancers are keeping flexible and aiding in muscle recovery is by rolling out. Read on to learn about how you can keep your body perpetually show-ready! (more...)

BWW Blog: Emily Fletcher of ZIVA MEDITATION - Meditate Your Way To A Better Performance
by Emily Fletcher

As an actor, you use a lot tools to help improve your performance. You take improv classes, attend on-camera workshops, work with a coach to build your brand, and go through a routine of vocal and phy... (more...)

BWW Blog: Alan Gardner - IRONMAN Lake Placid 2016: The Will to Finish
by BWW Special Coverage

My IMLP 2016 race report covers a bunch of emotions.  (more...)