FIT FOOD FINDS: Coconut Oil by Carrington Farms is Versatile

FIT FOOD FINDS: Coconut Oil by Carrington Farms is Versatile

Cold-pressed organic extra virgin coconut oil is a nutritious choice for your health and energy. Coconut oil has been described by nutritionists as "the healthiest oil on earth." Carrington Farms sells an unrefined Organic Extra-Virgin Coconut Oil that is simply pressed and bottled so it retains its original nutrient content, flavor and color. "Fit Food Finds" readers know that fat in a daily diet is a natural energy source and coconut oil is an excellent choice.

Carrington Farms extra-virgin coconut oil is certified organic, has no trans fats or hydrogenated fats, and is perfect for high heat cooking up to 350 degrees F. It is important to know that Carrington Farms markets an extra-virgin coconut oil of the finest quality.

You can use coconut oil as a replacement for butter or olive oil in a 1 to 1 ratio to sauté vegetables, roast sweet potatoes, add to smoothies or mix into oatmeal. Coconut oil works well in baked goods and over popcorn also. Because Carrington Farms liquid cooking coconut oil is odorless and flavorless, the natural taste of your favorite foods shine through when it is used in recipes.

You can also use coconut oil for skin or as a hair moisturizer, and it can be applied to bee stings and bug bites to soothe and heal wounds.

Coconut oil is a product for "Fit Food Finds" readers to incorporate it in their healthy diets and realize its overall versatility. For more information on products by Carrington Farms, visit their web site at

Product Photo: Courtesy of Carrington Farms


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