BIO FORCE, New German-engineered Home Fitness Equipment is Now Available in the U.S.

Only Bio Force uses innovative TNT nitrogen resistance technology (Total Nitrocell Technology) instead of traditional weight plates. Two hydraulic cylinders on the back of the Bio Force generate an extremely consistent and smooth resistance - up to 250 lbs. of resistance even at high intensities.

Each cylinder is sealed and filled with nitrogen. Inside, they contain a moveable piston rod that provides light to strong compression according to the resistance selected. Virtually silent, TNT resistance technology makes noisy clanging and banging strength training with weights a thing of the past.

In addition to superior resistance technology, Bio Force offers other competitive differentiators that are sure to excite the strength training, circuit training and sports training market like Slide & Lock Technology, allowing the user to change resistance weight in seconds for a fast, efficient workout. This feature keeps workouts moving with no bows or rods to change, no wasted time.

Designed with efficiency and performance in mind, Bio Force does not require adding cables. With Bio Force the intent is to spend more time getting stronger and less time on equipment set up.

Bio Force is the most comprehensive and affordable professional-grade home strength training machine in its category. Features over 100 body-shaping and sport-specific exercises, step-by-step workout programs developed by professional trainer Eric Lichter and a rock-solid warranty.<

The Bio Force lineup, each offering 100+ exercises, includes: Bio Force Basic Home Multi-Gym, the best-value model with up to 220 lbs. of resistance. Bio Force Extreme Home Multi-Gym with up to 250 lbs. of resistance plus Ab Strap Accessory, perfect for sport-specific training. Bio Force Challenge Home Multi-Gym featuring the Extreme unit, Ab Strap Accessory and Arm Curl Bench for the ultimate strength training experience.

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About Bio Force
At Bio Force, our vision is to revolutionize fitness training. Pushing the limits of exercise possibilities, Bio Force utilizes advanced fitness technology to deliver an extraordinary results-driven workout experience. With Bio Force home fitness equipment, the user can expect uncompromising quality, outstanding performance, ergonomics and training efficiency. Bio Force built better by design.