VisArts to Host 'Full Fathom Five: Going Deeper,' Featuring Alison Sigethy and Liz Lescault

VisArts to Host 'Full Fathom Five: Going Deeper,' Featuring Alison Sigethy and Liz Lescault

ROCKVILLE, Md., May 8, 2014 /PRNewswire/ Glass artist Alison Sigethy ( and sculptor Liz Lescault have, once again, combined their considerable talents to produce an atmospheric collaborative exhibition exploring natural and unseen worlds. Full Fathom Five: Going Deeper at VisArts at Rockville features one-of-a-kind sculptural pieces that submerse gallery-goers in inventively constructed environments and beg for careful examination.

"The collaborative pieces in this exhibition are revelations only possible through the actions and thoughts of two distinct minds and pair of hands," said VisArts Curatorial Consultant Susan Main."Looking at the individual works of both artists and then the results of their collaboration, I am struck by the rich integration of textural materials. Everything seems to fit and at the same time push further into the unknown.This exhibition perfectly demonstrates how collaboration can produce work that is, to borrow a clich, much more than the sum of its parts."

Friends for several years before collaborating professionally, Sigethy and Lescault quickly realized how complementary their respective aesthetics were, easily facilitating a joint exhibition. Balancing busy schedules, they discovered a productive routine: each artist made a piece in her own medium, then passed it on to the other for "finishing." The artists presented the results of this unique process last spring atFathom, an exhibition at Waverly Street Gallery.

"Working together on Fathom was such an exciting process, and the show itself was so strong," remarked Sigethy. "We knew we'd work together again, but in a larger venue. The concept behind Going Deeper is to create sculptural forms that are familiar, but strange, beautiful but ominous. Our method of handing pieces off to each other helps achieve this effect."

The upcoming exhibition at VisArts delves deeper in more ways than one. In addition to creating new collaborative pieces, both artists will present large-scale individual installations. Dramatic lighting produces an atmosphere of surprise and wonder. Meanwhile, an interactive custom soundscape, composed by John Vengrouskie, generates an immersive environment for both sculptures and audience.

"After our first collaboration, we realized working together pushed the work further. We learned to anticipate each other's preferences, which made working together a joy and a revelation," commented Lescault.

Full Fathom Five: Going Deeper will be on display April 30 through June 1 in the Gibbs Street Gallery of VisArts at Rockville, with an artist talk and opening reception slated for Friday, May 9 at 7 pm. The exhibition is free and open to the public.

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Alison Sigethy is a professional artist who works out of her studio in the Torpedo Factory Art Center in Alexandria, Virginia. She graduated from Marymount University in Arlington with degrees in interior design and art history. Today, her work focuses on issues such as ocean conservation, sustainability, ecology and education. She has exhibited her work nationally, and made appearances in American Craft Magazine, Christian Science Monitor, Washington Post and USA Today.


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VisArts to Host 'Full Fathom Five: Going Deeper,' Featuring Alison Sigethy and Liz Lescault