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Art Miami New York Announces Special Exhibitions

New York City-Art Miami New York, a new modern and contemporary art fair produced by the ownership team of Art Miami, will take place at Pier 94 from May 14 through May 17 during Frieze Week and Spring Auctions. Extending the distinctive Art Miami brand to New York, the fair will feature compelling works of art from 100 international galleries representing nearly 1,200 artists, including modern and post-war masters as well as emergent talent and mid-career cutting-edge artists. The inaugural edition will also present an array of dynamic projects produced in collaboration with Art Miami New York exhibitors and cultural partners.

Highlights of Art Miami New York's special programs include:

  • Natalie Frank curates past Fellows of the New York Academy of Art
  • The Everywhere Exotic (No Longer Empty)
  • Peter Sarkisian: Video Works (Modernism Inc., San Francisco)
  • Collection of unique Banksy works (Keszler Gallery, New York)
  • 1AN Symposium (One Art Nation)
  • Art Fairy Guided Tours
  • Kids Arts Center presented by Children's Museum Of the Arts
  • Book signing with photographer and stylist Maripol (Archeus / Post Modern, London).


The New York Academy of Art is pleased to present an exhibition of alumni work selected exclusively from the Academy's prestigious Fellows program and curated by New York-based artist Natalie Frank. Frank has had multiple solo exhibitions, including her most recent show of drawings that reconstruct fairytales from the Brothers Grimm at The Drawing Center.

Each year, three of the most promising students from the graduating class are chosen to return for a third year where they are given a studio, a stipend, teaching experience and an exhibition at the end of the year. Historically the Fellows program has been a launching platform for the Academy's most visible and successful artists, and the exhibition proves the results to be varied and impressive. From Emily Davis Adams' meticulously rendered slabs of cement to Elizabeth Glaessner's evocative, painterly meta-narratives, the Academy's Fellows are producing some of the most visually stimulating and technically astonishing emerging art.

Featuring works by Emily Davis Adams, William Bolton, Maya Brodsky, Christian Fagerlund, Elizabeth Glaessner, Michael Kagan, Panni Malekzadeh, Matthew Miller and David Pettibone.

The No Longer Empty booth presents The Everywhere Exotic, curated by Tam Gryn and Alejandra Esayag. This installation features a selection of recent work by artists based in New York City - including Pablo Jansana, Isidro Blasco, Rachel Libeskind, Aziz + Cucher, and Brian Alfred −and deals with the outstanding impact immigration has on an individual's nationalist identity. This group of artists represents the compelling result of the amalgamation of culture and indetermination of nationalism.

Left: Aziz + Cucher, Aporia #7, 2012, C-print mounted on board with wooden frame,28 1/2" x 28 1/2 " Exhibition print from an edition of 5 + A/P.

Right: Pablo Jansana, Joan Nr.2, 2014, Epson Ultrachrome PRO 4880 on MDF, Fiberglass, Plexiglass on MDF, 24" x 18" x 4".

San Francisco-based Modernism, Inc. will present a special exhibition of works by American artist and filmmaker Peter Sarkisian. Sarkisian's work combines video projection and sculpture to create a hybrid form of multi-media installation. The underlying premise of his work remains committed to using video as an instrument against commercialized media, namely television, in order to transform the act of watching video from an experience-killing endeavour to an experience-creating one.

Peter Sarkisian: Video Works will feature four installations: Ink Blot (2011), which explores a demise of ink and the death of pen and paper through the encumbered journey of a small figure struggling to reach a note pad; Cup'a Joe (2011), an allegory for the death of 1950s American idealism and the middle class that came to represent it; Book (2011), in which a small man is seen crawling about while rewriting a dictionary, symbolizing the ongoing and sometimes sloppy evolution of language in the modern age; and VideoMorphic Figure (Robot 5, Version 3) (2014).

New York-based Keszler Gallery will present a unique collection of works by famed British street artistBanksy, representing some of the artist's most important pieces from 2005 through today. These works, some never before exhibited in New York, will include several large walls carefully restored for exhibition at Art Miami New York along with other rare installations featuring Banksy's signature imagery. Several of the original works, including spray paintings and mixed media sculptures, were created during his month-long New York City residency in 2013 and featured in HBO's recent documentary "Banksy Does New York." This will be a once in a lifetime opportunity for Banksy fans to see such a wide variety of his street works at one time all in one location.


Presented by One Art Nation and Art Miami New York
Friday, Saturday and Sunday, May 15-17, 2015

Location: Café Area

The Art Symposium brings together leading opinion leaders and industry experts to speak on a range of topics, covering everything from consulting an appraiser and artist spotlights to panel discussions on contemporary art market trends and issues faced by collectors.

Whether you are a first time buyer, established collector, industry professional or simply have a passion for art, our expertly curated program is both diverse and engaging. The Symposium will start daily at 1:00pm and is FREE for fair visitors.


1pm - 1:30pm


This spotlight will center on a sculpture that simulates the stable crystal diamond, while the fluctuations represent the turmoil of life. Almost paradoxically, this is the same inner strength, tough and unwavering, which gives absolute freedom - to develop from it, to be in motion, to experiment, to soar and to always return within.

Speakers: Iftah Geva, Gal Goldner and Roy Seifert

Host: Contempop Gallery

2pm - 2:30pm


Speaker: Sharon Chrust

When most people think of an appraiser, they think of the Antiques Roadshow. However, that is the farthest thing from what a qualified appraiser does. This presentation will explore the various reasons a collector needs an appraisal; how the purpose of the appraisal determines the type of valuation used; and the effective date of the appraisal.

Host: Appraisers Association of America

3pm - 3:30pm


Speaker: Asher Edelman

Authentic and significant works of art are an increasingly integral part of marketing and branding real estate. Using the recently opened One World Trade Center as a starting point, this talk will explore the ways in which art serves to improve the branding of a development. It will also touch on a few financially advantageous methods for real estate developers to incorporate significant works of art in buildings.

Host: Artemus


1pm - 1:30pm


Speaker: Rhonda Long-Sharp

The discussion will look at the craftsmanship and complexity of the works of three internationally known contemporary artists: the UK's David Spiller, Santa Fe's Gino Miles and Indianapolis' Jason Myers.

Host: Long-Sharp Gallery

2pm - 2:45pm


Speakers: Annelien Bruins, Bruce Helander and Harold Porcher

In a constantly growing and changing market, what is the future of contemporary art? Auction sales reached new heights in 2014, but will this art boom continue through 2015? Hear from our experts as they discuss art market trends and the driving forces behind the growth.

3pm - 3:45pm


Speakers: Karen Boyer, Albina De Meio, James Kober and Samuel Pugatch

Please join our panel of industry experts as they discuss the "don'ts" of starting, building and protecting an art collection. Think it could never happen to you? Our experts illustrate with real-world stories aimed to help all levels of collectors improve their knowledge of their passion.

Host: AssetShield and DeWitt Stern


1pm - 130pm


Speaker: Alexander Zakharov

Recognized master of miniature, painter Alexander Zakharov is also known for his work in various print techniques, including lithography and etching. For the last several years, the artist has been experimenting with new forms of print reproduction, and the current collection is the result of three years of research into a plate-less method.

Host: AP Contemporary Gallery

2pm - 2:45pm


Speakers: Amelia Brankov, Annelien Bruins and David de Buck

Art investment is often hyped as the next best investment opportunity. This panel talk will provide collectors with a thought-out discussion of the practical issues they should take into account when getting into the art market, as well as providing concrete tools on how to go about buying, whether for pleasure or investment.

Host: Tang Art Advisory

3pm - 3:45pm


Speakers: James Cavello, Aimee Pflieger and Cheryl Sokolow

When choosing art for your bare walls and spacious floors, it helps to be knowledgeable about the various contemporary art forms. From traditional media such as paintings and sculptures to more modern methods like photography and digital works, our expert panel will take you through a buyer's guide to help you begin or enhance your collection.


The ultimate art learning experience for children and adults!

Friday, Saturday and Sunday, May 15-17, 2015

Adult Tours: Noon, 2 p.m., and 4 p.m. daily | Family Tours: 3:30 p.m. daily

Art Fairy tours at Art Miami New York make art-viewing fun. Art Fairy combines engaging art historical commentary and hands-on activities for all members of the family. $50 per person for a group adult or family tour, maximum 8 people. $200 for a 1 hour private tour (maximum 4 people). Please register, call 646-431-6876 or email


Saturday May 17, 2015 | 3-6 p.m.


Maripol, a prominent fixture on New York's art and fashion circuit in the '80s shooting Madonna, Grace Jones & Naomi Campbell, will be on hand to sign her limited edition book MARIPOLA X, a collection of 200 previously unreleased photographs chronicling her life in Manhattan's underground early '80s scene.


Saturday and Sunday, May 16-17, 2015

Noon-6 p.m.

Children's Museum Of the Arts will provide hands-on art programming on-site for children ages 4-14. Young artists will be introduced to various art-making techniques while their parents visit Art Miami New York. Children enrolled in the program will participate in hands-on art-making workshops and games under the supervision of the Children's Museum Of the Arts experienced Teaching Artists. The CMA Kids Art Center will open Saturday and Sunday from noon to 6pm. Email for reservations.

Art Miami New York has partnered with the exclusive Norwood Club, offering Art Miami New York VIP cardholders exclusive access to Norwood from May 11th - May 18, 2015. Norwood is a private members club offering a unique and vibrant meeting place for those in the creative arts community. Arranged over 5 floors in a spectacularly landmarked townhouse, Norwood offers a 50-seat restaurant, three lounge bars, a private dining room, screening room and a walled garden. VIP cardholders are encouraged to contact the Club for dinner reservations:

Art Miami New York is pleased to offer exclusive rates for Art Miami New York VIPs at Langham Place, located at 36th Street and Fifth Avenue. Contact Art Miami New York's Official Travel Partner, Turon Travel, at 800-952-7646 or for more information.


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