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Cate Blanchett On Running A Theater Company & Being A Mom While Acting In Film

Cate Blanchett On Running A Theater Company & Being A Mom While Acting In Film2014 Best Actress Academy Award nominee Cate Blanchett opens up about her recent run as artistic director of Australia's Sydney Theatre Company and how she juggled those duties with an active film career and motherhood as part of a new interview.

Commenting upon her recent switch in focus back to film from having run the theater company for the last several seasons, Blanchett muses, "I've been running a theater company in Sydney, and that's been my focus. So to return to filmmaking and for the work to be embraced in this way - it's been extraordinary."

Furthermore, Blanchett reveals of missed opportunities as a result of her duties, "I've said no a lot lately because of the theater company and the children. I don't regret anything because my kids are hilarious and I love them, but the world is still structured around a male work week."

Additionally, Blanchett reveals that a live audience remains her favorite, sharing, "It's taken me a long time to get comfortable with the notion of being seen and looked at. When I was at drama school, many moons ago, I used to love the rehearsal process and I didn't enjoy the performance as much. But the first time I was in a production that connected with an audience, and you could feel you had an effect on them, it became exciting."

Blanchett concludes, "I love the dialogue with the other actors, with the costume designer, with the director. it's like being at a dinner party with people who are more interesting, more intelligent, more engaged than you are, and you become part of a bigger conversation."

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