Quantenna Wi-Fi Chipset Completes Microsoft Mediaroom Integration

Quantenna Wi-Fi Chipset Completes Microsoft Mediaroom Integration

Quantenna Communications, Inc., the leader in ultra-reliable Wi-Fi networking for whole-home entertainment, today announced it has completed integration with Microsoft Mediaroom IPTV platform for high definition (HD) wireless set-top boxes (STB). With Quantenna, OEMs can now build wireless IPTV solutions that provide unrivaled video quality and range while generating new business through multi-room STB deployment in the home.

These new capabilities offer real benefits to both service providers and consumers. Service providers can now roll out multi-room DVR services without the need for additional wiring and installation time, potentially saving millions in deployment costs. Consumers can experience ultra-reliable wire-like video viewing experience, with the flexibility to place their TV screens anywhere in the house.

"Quantenna is committed to enhancing the entire home multimedia experience, and our relationship with Microsoft Mediaroom and Quantenna Wi-Fi chipset is essential to this objective," said Dr. Sam Heidari, chief executive officer of Quantenna. "We are truly excited to be partnering with the IPTV middleware market leader, Microsoft and we look forward to growth and ongoing collaboration."

"Microsoft Mediaroom is focused on providing platform technologies designed for TV operators to accelerate the deployment of digital, high-definition and multiscreen entertainment," said Kurt Steck, General Manager, Operator TV Business at Microsoft. "High-quality, wireless, whole-home DVR solutions by our partner, Quantenna is enabling OEMs to deliver wireless set-top boxes to Mediaroom-based service providers, which offers their subscribers more choice in how and where they enjoy entertainment."

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