New App 'Challenge!' from SoftCraft Brings Social Gaming Fun to Strategy Game Agon

New App 'Challenge!' from SoftCraft Brings Social Gaming Fun to Strategy Game Agon

Gamers who want to battle their friends face-to-face or over the Internet to see who the superior strategist is can now download the fun, exciting and addictive new game Challenge!

Designed by SoftCraft, Challenge! is based on the classic strategy game Agon, which is characterized by simple rules, complex strategy and a total absence of random elements.

Gamers start out with a queen and six guards, and take turns moving single pieces on the game board, which can be zoomed and panned via simple finger movements. Final victory is achieved - and bragging rights are won - when one gamer successfully brings his or her queen to the 'throne' (i.e. the center of the board) and surrounds it with all six guards.

In addition to its simple and yet brilliantly strategic gameplay, what helps keep Challenge! exciting and fresh game after game is its multiple play modes, which include: Over the 'Net, Over the Table and Demo.

In Over the 'Net mode, gamers can challenge friends to a battle of strategic supremacy anytime and anywhere. Or, they can have the Game Center find them a worthy combatant.

In Over the Table mode, gamers can play face-to-face and (hopefully) watch their opponents squirm as they go down in defeat. Over the Table mode victories and losses don't factor into Leaderboard rankings.

In Demo mode, gamers can watch a complete game and sharpen up their strategic thinking skills. They can also control the speed that pieces move - from standstill to quick pace - to study the details, and prepare to become the next Challenge! superstar.

Regardless of the desired mode, gamers will continue receiving game invitations from both friends and others (through Game Center), and can choose to accept or reject these. They can also have multiple Challenge! games running concurrently, and check out the Leaderboard to see who has the most victories - and who is climbing the ranks on their way to the top spot.

"Challenge! brings together the fun and excitement of social gaming, with the pure strategic tests of Agon," commented Jan Petter Nielsen of SoftCraft. "And while the basic idea may be simple, make no mistake - this is strategy at its finest! There are no random elements, no rolling the dice, no unexpected twists and turns. It's the essence of strategy, and a great way to spend a few minutes - or a few hours!"

Gamers who want to experience the classic strategy game Agon on their iPad, iPhone or iPod touch, can now download Challenge! from the App Store at:!/id582672604.