Adobe Creative Cloud FAIL; Suspends File Sync Service

Adobe Creative Cloud FAIL; Suspends File Sync Service

At Adobe Max, Adobe announced that the company will focus creative software development efforts on its Creative Cloud offering moving forward. While Adobe Creative Suite 6 products will continue to be supported and available for purchase, the company has no plans for future releases of Creative Suite or other CS products.

This past week, the company hit their first snags with the new service -- in a big way. The company launched its File Sync service late last year, which keeps files in sync between the web, PCs and mobile devices. They had planned service for the week, but that quickly expanded to a full outage.

An Adobe Blog post on Friday noted that:

To facilitate the transition from the preview, we are suspending the file sync desktop preview for the next couple of weeks while we finalize the updates for the initial full release. We plan to bring it back online prior to release, in order to allow additional testing. This does not affect mobile applications which use file sync.

You can, of course, continue to access and work with your files on your local system as well as via the Creative Cloud website. However, changes to local files will not be automatically synced to the Creative Cloud while the file sync preview is offline. You can continue to manually upload and download files to and from the Creative Cloud website.

As always, you can view the real-time status of Creative Cloud services at:

Adobe is facilitating the transition to Creative Cloud with special pricing plans and promotions for individual members, teams and enterprise customers. For more details, visit: Adobe will continue to sell licenses for all CS6 products via electronic download from and participating resellers.

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