Sweat Fitness Launches Corporate Wellness Program

Sweat Fitness Launches Corporate Wellness Program

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Sweat Fitness, a Philadelphia-based gym, announces a Corporate Wellness Program to help companies promote healthier lifestyles. The program is fully customizable and includes fun and convenient wellness initiatives.

Sweat's Corporate Wellness Program is aimed to help companies increase employee productivity and performance by delivering personal and customized workout programs based on their collective corporate needs. Wellness programs have been proven to boost employee moral, and show employees you care about them and their wellbeing. With 90% of today's health care costs being attributed to preventable illnesses, the goal is to take a proactive stance in employee's health, and most importantly make fitness fun and convenient.

As part of Sweat's Corporate Wellness Program, employees are welcome to membership at a lowered corporate rate with over $600 in yearly savings. Members will have the ability to access over 200 exercise classes a week, over 45 personal trainers and the utilize 8 different locations throughout Philadelphia. Sweat recognizes each company has its own culture, structure, and most importantly needs. Sweat Fitness tailors each partnership individually to create a program that will benefit as many employees as possible. Some companies choose to subsidize membership for their employees, while other companies provide this option at no cost to the company but as an added benefit.

"This new initiative helps combat the top three reasons why employees don't work out: lack of time, lack of motivation and lack of energy," said Corporate Wellness Director Colleen Faltot. "Not only will it help them become healthy, but it gives them something fun to do after a long day at work."

Additional features:

  • Biometric screenings
  • Nutritional training
  • Company organized walking programs
  • Stretching classes to release stress and tension

Sweat offers any company interested a 30 day trial at all 8 locations for any interested employees to take advantage of.

About Sweat Fitness:
Here at SWEAT, everyone is welcome! It doesn't matter your age or what shape you're in. We are committed to providing a great environment in which everyone can feel comfortable to achieve their fitness goals. Our staff and fitness professionals are here to help you on your fitness journey! As a member of SWEAT, you receive unlimited access to all our 8 clubs.