FIT FOOD FINDS: Vegan Divas - Delicious, Healthy Baked Goods

FIT FOOD FINDS: Vegan Divas - Delicious, Healthy Baked Goods

Do you wonder where you can satisfy your sweet tooth and feel good about a little indulgence? "Fit Food Finds" discovered delicious delights that our readers will enjoy. We visited Vegan Divas at their flagship store on 1st Avenue between 74th and 75th Street in New York City, a lovely bake shop where all the offerings are prepared daily on premises. Their motto, "Always Delicious" perfectly defines their products.

The shop's tempting array of donuts, cakes, muffins, cupcakes and cookies are beautifully presented. Vegan Divas goods use 100% natural ingredients, are low calorie, have no cholesterol and are made with organic ingredients that are high in fiber. Baked goods are also Kosher and Parve. By using no animal products, they bake with organic spelt flout, maple syrup, canola oil and cold pressed coconut oil providing an alternative for people who avoid dairy, eggs and casein. Vegan Divas also features gluten free items. And, the specialty baked goods have the flavor and the texture you crave.

We met "Vegan Diva," Fernanda Capobianco, a lovely young woman in her early thirties who is originally from Brazil. Copobianco has been cooking since she was very young. Because she has been vegan for fifteen years, her recipe choices have been healthy ones. She is a firm believer of "You are what you eat." She started Vegan Divas because she recognized the fact that many people are neglecting good nutrition. Her background lent itself perfectly to vegan, gourmet goods.

And Copobianco has proven her commitment to healthy eating for others. She became an active board member of the New York Coalition of Healthy School Foods, a statewide non-profit organization that delivers healthy meals to the students at the New York City public schools.

Copobianco has recently published The Vegan Divas Cookbook. The book features not only delectable treats like her Lime-Raspberry Cheesecake but also includes savory breakfast and lunch dishes like Eggless Scrambled Eggs and Blue Potato Kale Salad. Hearty Loaf Breads like Jalapeno Corn Bread and Tomato-Basil Country Bread. Some of the breads in the cookbook are also gluten-free.

Vegan Divas ship their products daily from their flagship store in New York City. So, "Fit Food Finds" readers can indulge in delicious sweets and still "eat to stay fit."

For more information about Vegan Divas and The Vegan Divas Cookbook, visit

Photo Credit: Marina P. Kennedy


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