ASK A TRAINER (Celebrity Series): 'Did Snooki Take Diet Pills to Lose Weight?'

ASK A TRAINER (Celebrity Series): 'Did Snooki Take Diet Pills to Lose Weight?'

"I saw Snooki on "The View" and she looks like a different person. How did she do it? I heard she was taking a miracle diet pill to lose the weight? What was it? Where can I get some?"-Romi E., Rochester, MN

With all due respect, Romi, and I think I'm asking this on behalf of my readers, but am I to understand that you are aspiring to be more like Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi of MTV's "Jersey Shore?" Okay. Who am I to judge?

Snooki's "miracle" diet pill is like so 2011 (kind of like Snooki herself.) Seriously. In 2011, Snooki dropped 15 pounds, which, on a 4'9" frame is a significant amount of weight. She attributes her weight loss to her use of the diet pill Zantrex 3.

Snooki's endorsement raised eyebrows in the health and medical community. Zantrex 3, which in addition to claiming to shed pounds also sells itself as an energy booster. It's active ingredients include Yerba mate, Guarana, Green Tea, Thea Sinensis leaves, Kola nuts and caffeine. What do all of these ingredients have in common? They all contain caffeine. Diet pills such as Zantrex are classified as supplements and as such are not subject to FDA regulations and, as such, they can load their product up with as much caffeine as they see fit. Caffeine in moderation can actually be a nice way to jumpstart a workout. (In case you missed my post about pre-workout caffeine, click here.) The levels of caffeine these pills pack, however, could be potentially dangerous as they amp heart rate way up and can cause high blood pressure (in otherwise healthy people!) Furthermore, there is no scientific evidence that suggests the pill does anything to aid weight loss at all.

If there were a "miracle" diet pill that worked it wouldn't be a secret. You wouldn't need to write to me to ask what it was called. It would be everywhere. And it would probably cost $5,000 per pill. If the claims a weight loss product make seem to good to be true. In all likelihood, they are too good to be true. Here's a lesson in reading between the lines from Zantrex's own web site. On the web site, the good folks at Zantrex go on and on about this incredible drug called trimethylxanthine. Wow, sounds fancy and scientific right? Trimethylxanthine, is, however, just (yet) another way of saying caffeine.

The "new" new Snooki you saw on "The View," is making the rounds on the talk show circuit, having just dropped 42 pounds. How did she do it? Well, she told the ladies on "The View" and Dr. Oz and anyone else willing to let her talk about it in front of a television camera that her weight loss is the result of significant lifestyle changes. She says she has been drinking water all day and eating smaller portions and making healthier food choices. It should come as no surprise to anyone that one of the biggest factors in losing weight, has been significantly cutting back on her alcohol consumption. And, oh yeah, one other thing Snooki credits her weight loss to is working out with a personal trainer five times a week.

So, Romi, if you want to lose weight like Snooki, eat sensibly, limit alcohol intake and hire a trainer.

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