Welcome to Wonderland: A New Kind of Vintage Shopping

Welcome to Wonderland: A New Kind of Vintage Shopping

Fashionistas Kody Pangburn and Jade Furtado are a couture dream team with resumés to boot. They've joined forces to launch Wonderland - a new company that curates rare designer vintage accessories for individuals and boutiques.

Kody has edited collections for an array of vintage boutiques, designed handbag collections for Paige Bluhdorn, and supplied rare designer pieces to clients ranging from Bloomingdale's to 2 Chainz during her tenure as Luxury Goods Specialist at renowned vintage fashion mecca What Goes Around Comes Around. Jade has worked for several of Manhattan's famed vintage boutiques, executed Teen Vogue's famous Spring Trend Book, and enjoyed the title of Style and Media Manager at WGACA.

Kody and Jade noticed while there were a number of curators for vintage-obsessed customers, none offered clients the opportunity to have product tailored to their unique style. Furthermore, most collections were stockpiled without consideration for relationship between vintage and current runway trends.

Seeking to fill that void, Wonderland was born in the fall of 2012 when the duo launched on the web and hosted its first trunk show.

Wonderland works with boutiques and individuals with two distinct types of service experiences in mind. There primary service is Personal Shopping, for individuals and stylists looking for rare designer pieces cherry picked from collectors and vendors around the world. Wonderland also offers Trend Reports, which are researched reviews on which vintage pieces are relevant in a modern-day wardrobe, as an added value to their clients, followers, and friends via their blog.

For high-end boutiques, Wonderland helps to improve in-store collections by furnishing them with hard-to-find designer pieces destined to draw throngs of couture-crazed fashionistas. These boutiques are welcome to either carry product all year, or to host a Vintage Designer Trunk Show in conjunction with Wonderland. Trunk Shows provide clients with item history and certificate of authenticity.

With a roster of clients from Miami to LA, and Manhattan to Chicago, Wonderland has in its short existence already brought recognition to boutiques, and glamour to individuals by dressing them in Hermes, Louis Vuitton, and Celine - just to name a few.