'The 10 Best-Dressed Heads of State in 2012' Posted by Cheap-Neckties.com

'The 10 Best-Dressed Heads of State in 2012' Posted by Cheap-Neckties.com

Cheap-Neckties.com, a retailer focusing on discount men’s ties and accessories, just published their TOP 10 list titled "The 10 Best-Dressed Heads of State 2012". The articles consist of ten individual pieces, each focusing on a specific head of state or government throughout the world. Dmitri Medvedev of Russia is awarded the top spot.

“With politics being in the forefront of just about everyone’s mind at the moment, we figured there’d be no better time to take a look at the fashion and style of some of the better-known politicians throughout the world,” says Hendrik Pohl, founder of Cheap-Neckties.com. “After all, it can be quite easy to get wrapped up in the race for the white house and forget that we’re not the only country on this planet. Barack Obama and Mitt Romney are both rather stylish in their own ways, but there are plenty of other politicians in the world that deserve to be highlighted for the way they dress.”

Each article in this series serves to analyze key aspects of the style and fashion of ten of the best-dressed heads of state and government in the world. British prime minister David Cameron is highlighted for trademark blue ties and expert approach to wearing silver vests, for example, while China premier Wen Jiabao is given attention for his perfectly-tailored business suits and deep, bold ties. Heads of state and government in Russia, the United States, France and 5 other countries are also highlighted in their own pieces.

“A lot of these men are well-known, but some - Elio Di Rupo of Belgium, for example - are perhaps lesser known in countries such as America,” says Pohl. “Nevertheless, these are individuals who approach style and fashion in a way that clarifies just how important it is, and deserve to be highlighted as some of the best-dressed politicians in the world. Regardless of how one feels about the work they’ve done in their leadership roles, it’s difficult to argue against the fact that these men certainly know how to dress well.”

Cheap-Neckties.com is well-known for publishing article series that focus on the fashion and style of politicians and celebrities. In the past, such topics as “Best-Dressed GOP Candidates” and “Worst-Dressed Congressmen” have been highlighted.

“The article series’ are all in good fun, of course, but they’re also meant to be educational,” says Pohl. “The more our readers can learn about how fashion and psychology combine in politics, the better informed they’ll be.”