Kerry Butler's 'Faith, Trust & Pixie Dust' Now On Sale

Kerry Butler's long awaited debut solo album "Faith, Trust & Pixie Dust" is available at (with a special offer for a signed CD and exclusive video) and at all of your favorite retail and online stores!
Under the supervision of music director and album producer Michael Kosarin, with new orchestrations by Broadway's best, including Tony Award-winner Michael Starobin (Assassins, Spelling Bee) and Larry Hochman (Monty Python's Spamalot), "Faith, Trust & Pixie Dust" is filled with Disney songs you know and love - and ones you've never heard before. Butler and music director Kosarin spent months exploring the Disney catalog, sifting through seventy years of material – from wartime standards to newer pop songs – making sure the material remained provocative, unexpected and eclectic even as the "message" stayed on track.

Track listing for the PS Classics release of "Faith, Trust & Pixie Dust"
This Only Happens in the Movies
When You Wish Upon a Star
I'll Try
Call Me a Princess
Colors of the Wind
It's a Small World/God Help the Outcasts
Baby Mine
Minnie's Yoo Hoo
Second Star to the Right
The Bare Necessities
When She Loved Me
Tommy Krasker, co-founder of PS Classics stated, "She and Michael Kosarin dove into the Disney repertoire, determined to keep it personal and intimate. They found a way 'in' to the material that really got to its emotional core, and fashioned the kind of deeply personal album Kerry was determined to create."

"Recording my CD has been so inspirational for me, with so many of the songs having such great and inspiring messages. One track in particular — "It's a Small World" leading into "God Help the Outcasts" — is one of my favorites. With over 30,000 children dying every day from problems that CAN be solved, I decided I wanted to donate a portion of the proceeds from the sale of "Faith, Trust & Pixie Dust" to World Vision. World Vision is a highly rated and respectable charity that helps people all over the world struggling from global poverty and hunger. We witnessed their organization first hand when we (my husband and I) went to Ethiopia to pick up our daughter. They do so many wonderful things in dangerous areas of the world, like the Sudan. They help provide food and water where there is none. They assist with education, micro loans and emergency relief. It really is a small world, and we can all make a difference and help out the people who need it most. "          -Kerry Butler, May 2008

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