Ford Models Exiting Canada

Ford Models Exiting Canada

After almost 18 years in their Toronto offices, Ford Models will be pulling out of Canada by the end of the month.

Elmer Olsen of Elmer Olsen Models Management has described the move as spurring a "feeding frenzy" to sign some of Toronto's top talent.

The Toronto agency, besides representing 250 men, women and plus-sized models, was also once responsible for Cheryl Tiegs, Christie Brinkley and Malin Akerman.

"It's sad because Ford is a very reputable name and we were very excited when they came to Canada and brought that powerhouse name to our industry. It was an asset to the Canadian fashion industry," Olsen told the Toronto Star. "There will be a feeding frenzy."

President at Sutherland Models, Ann Sutherland, told the Toronto Star she was surprised by the news, but quickly signed five new clients as the word spread. "These are good models and these are good agents. It's a little bit surprising that it would happen," Sutherland said. "Our phones are ringing off the hook."

No word yet from Ford as to why they are closing Toronto.

"Toronto is amazing for a starting market, for a new girl to get started to do shows, to learn the ropes of being backstage, and learning to walk a runway and being in hair and makeup," Olsen said. "It's an amazing, amazing grooming ground, but it's small, small potatoes compared to Paris and New York."