Fashion to Support Breast Cancer Awareness

Fashion to Support Breast Cancer Awareness

Just in time for October, these cool fashion finds help support breast cancer awareness. 

The Recovery Brobe is a luxurious robe with an attached bra, designed for women who have undergone a mastectomy or have had breast reconstructive surgery.  The award winning robe has pockets inside to hold post-op drains, and pockets are also built in the bra to hold ice packs during the healing process.  This lightweight, soft loungewear has ¾ sleeves and hits just about the knee in length.   What’s more, 10% of sales are donated to breast cancer research.  

Madcapz are a chic twist on the baseball cap-- a unique design created just for women.  A selection from the PINK Madcapz line makes a thoughtful gift for a cancer patient experiencing hair loss from chemo.  In fact, Madcapz were created by a stylish woman who was losing her hair from Grave’s Disease and couldn’t find a cute cap to wear! Now, she’s helping other women feel feminine and chic with these cute caps.  Madcapz will donate 20% of all October online sales to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.<

Designed with fashion in mind, coldfront® is a portable accessory that fits in your purse to ease hot flashes during menopause.  Timely for October—many women with breast cancer experience chemotherapy-induced menopause.  coldfront is a convenient solution and supports breast cancer research with a 5% donation. The personal cooling system includes two cooling gel palm packs the ‘recool’ inside the convenient carrying case allowing for multiple uses and constant relief. It's hormone-free and has no side effects like medications can often have and provides instant relief when a hot flash strikes. It also contains a super absorbent, reusable, quick drying cloth to remove excess moisture.

RuffleButts, a unique clothing line for little girls, is donating 50% of proceeds from all Pink Woven RuffleButts sold in the month of October to breast cancer research!   This top selling ruffled bloomer can be made even more unique and adorable by personalizing it with the baby’s name.