Fashinspire Aims to Make Positive Changes in Fashion Industry

Fashinspire Aims to Make Positive Changes in Fashion Industry

Fashinspire, a fashion industry startup that will be launching to the public on Sunday, September 23 has big plans to inspire creativity and create jobs with their luxury textile collection and online design services. The company is geared for success with positions such a fashion designer, marketing manager, patternmaker, account manager, production manager, graphic designer, and head of public relations- all filled by one person.

Mukti Patel, 27, is a young entrepreneur and the creative force behind Fashinspire. While the concept of Fashinspire has been a long term project of hers, her idea for the beta site only came to her about 2 weeks ago. With just around $6000 and in 12 days, Mukti had the website and entire company operations ready and set for a big launch. She accredits her success not to her variety of skills, or even her strong work ethic, but to one simple concept: honesty.

Mukti believes that an honest product and honest business connections should always come first. To her, this is the key to forming long term relationships with industry professionals and customers. Mukti states “It is really important for me to give my customer as much value added as possible and give back for the support I have gotten from my suppliers. After all, they are the reason behind my success”. For this purpose, Mukti is meticulous with every detail, and strives to remember the overwhelming support she has gotten from her established seniors.

One company in particular who has taken notice of Mukti’s uplifting attitude and drive to provide customers with perfection is Better Methods Apparel Center (BMAC). BMAC is the World’s first computerized (CAD) apparel pattern marking and grading company. Being around for over 40 years now as one of the earliest establishments in NYC’s Garment Center and boasting a strong list of prominent fashion industry clientele, BMAC understands talent when they see it. They met Mukti over 2 years ago, and have provided her with relentless support, including use of their Manhattan office space.

In an official statement with regards to Mukti’s new venture, BMAC noted the following:

“It has been a great privilege to be of some assistance to Fashinspire, her exciting, new emerging company. Mukti seems to have not only the talent, but also the correct professional attitude, that lends itself to much future success. She has so impressed us, not only with her production skills, but also with her dedication to her work, that our company has extended her full use of our establishment, when she is operating in our area”

Many suppliers share these sentiments with BMAC and are thus quick to offer a hand to Mukti. She took this opportunity and teamed up with Shariful Ahsan, an experienced garment center textile expert. Ahsan not only supplies luxury fabric as Manager of Silkhouse, but has used his creative skills to design and develop one of the bestselling fabrics within NYC's design community.

On Sunday, September 23, Fashinspire will be launching with their first product: a three-tiered luxury silk scarf. Customers will be able to use their advanced online design studio to design the handmade scarf themselves. With the help of Ahsan, Mukti hopes to bring her customers the highest quality product and experience.

Fashinspire is the first high-fashion luxury fabric store and online fashion community based in NYC, providing never before seen fabric images and resources that are virtually unattainable outside the garment center. The site is now up for a select group of users including editors and press.