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Social Media Image #4 For STEPHEN WARD Released

Social Media Image #4 For STEPHEN WARD ReleasedThe fourth social media image promoting the opening of the new Andrew Lloyd Webber/Don Black/Christopher Hampton musical STEPHEN WARD, directed by Richard Eyre, opening in the West End this December, has been released following three earlier images unveiled this month.

A statue depicting a figure holding a sword and the scales of justice, standing blindly against a clear sky, features prominently in the new promo. Large black lettering offsets the monochrome and red-accented stylization of the layout, provocatively captioned: "STEPHEN WARD, CRIMINAL?" along with the show's tagline: "1963. The scandal that shook society."

Additionally, the official Facebook page posted a historical footnote applicable to this new promo image, as well: "Following claims that police intimidated witnesses into giving false evidence, the jury's guilty verdict against Stephen Ward remains questionable."

View the first social media image released for STEPHEN WARD earlier this week, available here, as well as the second, available here, and third, available here.

The official synopsis for STEPHEN WARD is as follows: "STEPHEN WARD deals with the victim of the Profumo Affair - not, as is widely supposed, John Profumo himself, the disgraced Minister for War, nor even the fatally wounded Conservative government of Harold Macmillan, but the society osteopath whose private libertarian experiments blew up in his own and everyone else's face. In a trial as emblematic to the twentieth century as Oscar Wilde's was to the nineteenth - from which he was the only protagonist to emerge with some dignity and honour. Ward became the targeted scapegoat of a furiously self-righteous Establishment. By no means a hero, he was a reluctant martyr, thanks to an unholy alliance between Press and police of a kind we can all too readily recognise today; inadvertently, he was the hinge between two worlds and the harbinger of a revolution in manners, music and morals when the ordered, stuffy, respectful universe of the fifties gave way to the classless, truculent, unstoppable sixties."

STEPHEN WARD begins previews in the West End on December 3. Check out a previous article on STEPHEN WARD here.

View a larger version of the new social media image for STEPHEN WARD below.

Social Media Image #4 For STEPHEN WARD Released

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