Musicals Tonight! to Revive All American at The Lion Theatre, 10/25-11/6


Only Charles Strouse and Mel Brooks can mix Physics and Football and get musical comedy. Their 1961 show All American takes place at a college known more for its football team than its Physics Department but Dean Hawkes-Bullock (Kate Marilley) changes all that by hiring Professor Fodorski (Matt Wilson) from Vienna.

His passion for science is only appreciated by Edwin (Sean Bell) one of the school's worst athletes. Edwin's charm is only appreciated by co-ed Susan (Jessica Wagner) until the former's grasp of Physics allows him to propel a football and the SBIT team to the Cotton Bowl. Coach Hulk (James Kidd) is suitably amazed by it all and unsuitably concussed during a game so that Fodorski imparts his knowledge to the team from the sidelines - becoming Coach of the Year.

When the head of Exploiters Unlimited (Mark Thomas Epperson) tries to merchandise Fodorski and Edwin, Hawkes-Bullock and Susan save them from a fate worse than death - fame and fortune. The school's faculty approve (Ronald Brown, Jody Cook, David Brent Howard).

"Tackling" the ensemble roles, and occasionally each other are Renee Barnett, Sara Jayne Blackmore, Judah Gavra, Andy Jones, BJ Olson, Sam Prince, Jessica Taige, Georgia Tapp,

Thomas Sabella-Mills will Direct and David Bishop is our Music Director

Songs include: Once Upon a Time, What a Country!, I've Just Seen Him, Our Children, It's Fun to Think, Our Children, We Speak the Same Language, It's Fun to Think

October 25 - November 6, 2011
Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
25 (7:30) 26 (2:00/7:30) 27 (7:30) 28 (2:00/7:30) 29 (7:30) 30 (2:00)
1 (7:30) 2 (2:00/7:30) 3 (7:30) 4 (2:00/7:30) 5 (7:30) 6 (2:00)

The Lion Theatre is at 410 West 42nd Street (between 9th and 10th Avenues)

Tickets are $25 and can be purchased from the Box Office or Telecharge 212-560-2186

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