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Idina Menzel On FROZEN's Success, Sing-A-Long Version & Viral Videos

Idina Menzel On FROZEN's Success, Sing-A-Long Version & Viral VideosBroadway superstar and FROZEN headliner Idina Menzel discusses the international mega-success of the newest Disney animated feature film as well as the chart-topping status of its soundtrack as part of a new interview.

Commenting on the impressive box office receipts, Menzel shares, "FROZEN has just skyrocketed! You know, you go into the studio and you make it, and you're just happy to be hired by Disney and be a part of the family, but it's just taking on a life of its own."

Touching upon her memorable musical moment, "Let It Go", Menzel adds, "Having such a great song in it... I knew that I loved this song when they played it for me, but I had no idea that it would affect people in this way."

Looking ahead to the forthcoming sing-a-long edition of FROZEN and the many viral videos flooding the internet, Menzel opines, "Sometimes, especially lately, it's been in my head a lot. And I'm getting tons of videos of friends sending their kids singing the song and stuff."

Always the perfectionist, Menzel relates, "But it's actually hard for me to listen back to myself and I always hear things I want to change. I'm one of those people. But when kids are involved, you're so happy that you've made something that resonates with such a young audience and you kind of can't look a gift horse in the mouth."

Menzel concludes, "I get over what I hear as the critic and I'm just glad everybody's singing it."

Check out the original interview with Idina Menzel here.

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