Scoop: THE CBS DREAM TEAM, IT'S EPIC on CBS - Saturday, May 24, 2014

Scoop: THE CBS DREAM TEAM, IT'S EPIC on CBS - Saturday, May 24, 2014Lucky Dog "Hershey" - Brandon rescues Hershey, a dachshund mix with no training or history on a leash. The Bactat family is a perfect match, but worry that their two-story home will be an insurmountable obstacle for a small dog like Hershey with no experience on stairs. OAD: 2/15/14

DR. CHRIS PET VET "Atomic Betty" - Veterinarian Chris Brown gets
wrapped up in his work - all two hundred pounds of it. Atomic Betty has stopped feeding, and this reticulated python does not want to take her vitamins. Also, Marie the pampered Pomeranian swallows some string, leaving her owner's stomach in knots, and Bruno the terrier is accidently run over by his owner. OAD: 1/11/14

RECIPE REHAB "Baked Ziti" - Chef Richard and Chef Vikki battle it out in The Kitchen to see who can rehab the Burton's Baked Ziti. With Dad's high blood pressure and obesity as concerns, they need help making healthier versions of the food they love.OAD: 2/1/14

JAMIE OLIVER'S 15 MINUTE "Chicken Fajitas And King Prawns" - Chef Jamie
MEALS Oliver cooks up sizzling chicken fajitas, grilled peppers, salsa, rice and beans. Also, a prawn cocktail with king prawns and a sun dried tomato pan bread. (n)

ALL IN WITH LAILA ALI "Racing Down the Volcano" - A bike rider tries to break 100 miles per hour and set a new SPEED record by racing straight down the side of a volcano. Also, viewers meet the man who has a full grown hippo as a pet and skateboard superstar Ryan Sheckler. OAD: 11/23/13

GAME CHANGERS WITH KEVIN "Houston, We Don't Have a Problem" - Dwight
FRAZIER Howard explains the path he took to get to the Houston Rockets, and why his fans mean so much to him. NFL star Jared Allen stands up for US war veterans returning from overseas and a college basketball team's number one fan travels thousands of miles to cheer the team on. OAD: 5/3/14