Christy Carlson Romano to Appear in Zombie Flick 'Infected'


According to a report in Variety, Christy Carlson Romano is set to join Tom DeNucci, William Forsythe and Michael Madsen in Verdi-Corrente Prods' new zombie film "Infected." The movie, written by Madsen, will be directed by Glenn Ciano. The release date for this movie has yet to be announced.

"Infected" takes a different look at the traditional zombie horror genre. In this movie, the zombie virus infects humans and renders them incapable of stopping themselves from commiting violent acts, despite the fact that they understand what they are doing and know how horrible it is.

Romano's acting career began on the Disney Channel with shows like Even Stevens and Kim Possible, as well as made for TV movies like "Cadet Kelly" and "The Even Stevens Movie." Romano has also had a successful career on Broadway, where she has performed in musicals such as Avenue Q, Beauty and the Beast, Parade, The Sound of Music and The Will Rogers Follies. Her most recent work was in the stage show White's Lies.

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