Angel Light Pictures' Antonio Saillant Steps Down from Green Festival Expo Board

Angel Light Pictures' Antonio Saillant Steps Down from Green Festival Expo BoardAngel Light Pictures Entertainment Group announced today that filmmaker and environmental advocate, Antonio Saillant, has stepped down as a member of the Advisory Board to the Green Festival Expo. Antonio, stated, "I had an amazing run with the Green Festival but I must move on with my journey explaining my work across America in terms of conservation and educational initiatives." "I was delighted and support all ideas and efforts at the festival, Amazing festival!"

Antonio's mission is to provide the world with the tools and training they need to create and promote and donate to environmentally Sustainable Living, Sustainable Support, Sustainable Growth. His goals are to conserve and protect natural resources for future generations, and to have the responsibility to continue the commitment to reduce the impact on climate change and the environment, and be on the forefront of sustainable business practices.

Antonio's decision to step down as speaker and advisory board member of the Green Festival Expo is due three factors.

- Antonio is still reeling from the horrific events in Paris and Beirut. Tempered by loss, revulsion, and heartbreak he decided to add and dedicate move time toward his mission, not just the PRESERVATION of the environment but to include the PRESERVATION and safety of humanity. What has happened in Paris is a terrible tragedy, and the events have shocked and saddened us all. "This cannot happen again. We need to unite globally in order to preserve humanity and Mother Earth ."

- He wants to dedicate more time to being a filmmaker and developing films and television shows that are 100% sustainable. He believes one day with his help and the help of others that Hollywood and others will finally make moves toward to a better an greener environment.

- We have many celebrities like Leonardo DiCaprio, Robert Redford and many others traveling around the country defending our planet. But after viewing the following in YouTube, Antonio, stated, "We still have an embarrassingly large number of people who won't listen, despite overwhelming scientific consensus. Sony Pictures makes amazing movies and usually follows the "Going Green Campaign" but I was deeply disappointed when recently they were awarded for the Guinness Book of Worlds Record for the Largest explosion stunt ever in the history of cinema. Honestly, today we need to pick and choose what's more important, [contributing to our planets disaster or being sustainable]. I guess achieving this award was more important then achieving saving the planet from pollution. Take a look for yourself and you be the judge. Makes our job harder. Don't you think?

Sustainability is here to stay! And Antonio wants to basically dedicate his time and efforts in making sure we dedicate today's Life and Future to Stand up for Mother Earth and PRESERVATION of Humanity and to make a global commitment to the cause of goodness and peace.

Antonio is also in development of two important sustainable events, "Rock it Green", a [Web-Talk Show and POD Cast] and [Planet Greenfest] produced by Angel Light Pictures and Dream Destinations. He, recently joined Healing Seekers as co-producer which has received critical and journalistic acclaim for it's efforts to explore remote areas of the world highlighting health/ healing traditions and its unique cultural and environmental wonders.

Antonio has saved energy and dollars for the NYC/NJ hospital systems, federal/city COURT buildings, universities, pharmaceuticals, major businesses including Radio City Music Hall, Yankee Stadium, World Bank in Washington, DC, just to name a few.

Planet Greenfest is a unique way for filmmakers and its partnering sponsors to broaden our audience base by reaching interested members of the public, local policymakers, and build the MOMENTUM of a green movement in many communities.

The World's Only Green Short Film Festival: Planet Greenfest, The benefits of this event are priceless: teaching future filmmakers and audience about THE WONDERS of going green and becoming sustainable and motivating them to learn about their world is one of the best ways they can learn about themselves and develop their interests, leading to future careers in engineering, biology, chemistry, and hundreds of other fields.

'By focusing on Global Sustainability with Planet Greenfest,' Antonio hopes that it will give the present and future filmmakers and students the materials that will give them access to individualized learning. Antonio states, "I'd like to FOCUS on the hope and options of creating a green movement within the entertainment industry-- a vision I believe many filmmakers and artists already support, "the art of learning to becoming and staying green."

The National Program Director of the Green Festivals, Robert J Butler, stated, "Antonio Saillant will always be a member of our Green Festival family and that he will always have an open invitation to present at any Green Festival. Antonio's work is valuable to the world."

Below, check out host Dan Niswander interviewing filmmaker and producer Antonio Saillant at The Green Festival Expo LA!

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