Where's Mophie? iBattz First to Release iPhone 5 Charging Case

Where's Mophie? iBattz First to Release iPhone 5 Charging Case

iBattz, company known for intelligent charging solutions, introduces two new cases building on the success of their removable battery concept for iPhone 5. The highly anticipated Mojo Refuel and the rugged Mojo Armor provide infinite power with two interchangeable 2200mAh batteries, enough to charge an iPhone 5 three times. In addition, ibattz is introducing the waterproof AquaSeal Hi5 which combines a low profile waterproof case with an attachable power bank. All battery cases offer optimum protection, high-powered charging and elegant design. The cases are ideal for weathering electric outages, a long work or school day, or powering up during travel - ensuring your phone will always be charged.

Mojo Refuel for iPhone 5
The Mojo Refuel comes with 2 high capacity i9300 2200mAh lithium-ion batteries and 2 grooved silver and red colored bumpers. It is available in either matte black or gloss white. The battery case is thin, lightweight and complementary to the iPhone 5's minimalistic design.

Included with the Mojo Refuel is an external USB charger that lets you charge additional batteries to ensure you will never run out of juice. USB to Micro USB charging cable is provided for charge and sync directly from the battery case without removing the case.
The Refuel will be available in February at $89.90

Mojo Armor for iPhone 5
The Mojo Armor protects your iPhone 5 from life's drops, dust, splashes and shocks. Mojo Armor is ideal for outdoor enthusiasts, road warriors and anyone that needs a rugged battery case. The dual material case is available with high visibility orange trim with a black protective silicone sleeve to seal all ports. For times when you don't need a rugged case, the Armor includes a silver trim bumper to make it a slim, light weight case.

The Mojo Armor includes 2 high capacity i9300 2200mAh lithium-ion batteries, silver bumper and charge &sync cable and additional USB charger for charging extra batteries.
The Armor will be available in March at $99.90

AquaSeal Hi5
The waterproof AquaSeal Hi5 power bank case protects your iPhone 5 from life's drops into water. AquaSeal Hi5 is a two part power solution concept that features a waterproof case and attachable 2500mAh aluminum battery ideal for outdoor enthusiasts, students and anyone that needs a battery case that will withstand the elements and power on the go.

"We are excited to show our new line of iPhone 5 cases with interchangeable batteries. No detail was over-looked, from the soft-touch standby switch to the easy battery access," said Richard Martin, President, ibattz North American operations. "Our design philosophy is to leverage commonly available popular cell phone batteries, so our customers can create a virtually unlimited battery case for power hungry mobile phones and devices at a great price."

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