The Innovatix Network Introduces MAC Minder

The Innovatix Network Introduces MAC Minder The Innovatix Network, LLC today announced the creation of MAC Minder, a new Maximum Allowable Cost (MAC) monitoring program. At the heart of MAC Minder is a data-collection-rules engine that reviews claims from member pharmacies to identify the most commonly under-reimbursed MAC drugs.

“For the last few years there has been an escalating concern regarding diminishing reimbursements for MAC drugs among our members,” stated Craig DiNapoli, Senior Director of the Innovatix Network. “Over the last year we carefully reviewed claims data of our members' acquisition costs and the resulting reimbursements they received from the Prescription Drug Plans (PDPs). What we found were shrinking profit margins and some instances where reimbursement was upside down—pharmacies were actually losing money on dispensed product. The MAC Minder program is a solution that will increase transparency in the reimbursement process and establish a path towards securing reimbursement increases.”

Initiated in 2013 as a pilot program with numerous successful price changes, the Innovatix Network will expand the use of the data collected by the MAC Minder rules engine to petition PDPs to modify their MAC rates in instances where reimbursement is less than the actual drug acquisition cost. Additionally, the Innovatix Network will also work with manufacturers to adjust their pricing as PDPs reimburse less than what the acquisition cost is of the drug.

The MAC Minder program is available to all Innovatix Network members at no cost. For more information or to join the Innovatix preferred provider network, please contact the Innovatix Network (toll-free) at (888) 258-3273.

About Innovatix Network, LLC: The Innovatix Network, a subsidiary of Innovatix, is committed to helping infusion, long-term care, and specialty pharmacies navigate the Medicare Part D arena. Offering competitive Medicare Part D reimbursement rates with many of the nation's largest prescription drug plans, the Network also assists members with an array of valuable services and programs, including prior authorization, added discounts, and bi-weekly newsletters and updates.


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