Curaytor Launches a Conversation Search Engine Powered by the Facebook API

Curaytor Launches a Conversation Search Engine Powered by the Facebook API

Today in New York City, at the Inman News Real Estate Connect conference, Chris Smith and Jimmy Mackin announced the launch of a new conversation search engine named Curaytor.

With Curaytor, Smith and Mackin create an entirely new search experience powered by Facebook conversations. This was accomplished by building a layer on top of Facebook's Group API using Wordpress. Curaytor's lead developer, Andrew Leafe, has worked extensively with the Facebook Open Graph on a number of successful projects.

Smith and Mackin, both prominent bloggers in the real estate industry, are convinced that the focused and topical nature of conversations within Facebook Groups are critical to the success and adoption of social search. As Smith explains:

"The conversations that Curaytor surfaces are in-depth and informative. Old school online forums or leaving comments after a blog post used to be the online water cooler. Social media has made them virtually obsolete overnight. Facebook's clearly where the masses now engage. Curaytor's discussions happen in real time, between real people and on the site they already log into each day. It's powerful when your friends and colleagues conversations are the search results you discover. We could only do this by building on top of Facebook's established ecosystem and connections."

Curaytor uses a "human algorithm" to organize tens of thousands of real time and past dated social conversations, turning them into categories like Trending, Popular, Recent and Staff Pick's. You can also search Curaytor by keyword, user profile picture, company name or news source.

Mackin added, "We want to help people find conversations, not websites. We don't want to just be another place to search for articles, Google does that pretty well. Our search results populate in a different way, naturally through everyday human behavior. People are logging into Facebook and interacting anyways, why not leverage that new type of content. The real problem we went after is that Facebook threads go away too quickly, there are 1,000,000 new status updates happening every single minute in fact. With Curaytor, those social discussions are now organized and easily searchable. Simply put, we built a better net."

Conversations found on Curaytor are about things like what gadgets to buy, which service providers are worth hiring and what strategies for business owners are working right now.

Curaytor currently uses several popular real estate Facebook Group's, but plans on quickly expanding into other categories like fashion, politics, travel and sports.