CrestaTech Announces 4th Generation Smart Tuner; The X7 for Flat Panel TVs

CrestaTech Announces 4th Generation Smart Tuner; The X7 for Flat Panel TVs

Today, CrestaTech announced the X7 Smart Tuner line of integrated circuits, marking the fourth generation of the Smart Tuner family and the first product offering since CrestaTech's purchase of select Xceive Corporation assets, intellectual property and patents. The CrestaTech Smart Tuner architecture reduces the cost and complexity of designing flat panel TVs and set top boxes by combining a Frequency agile high-performance RF front-end with a DSP-based IF processor that maintains field-proven performance across diverse real-world television signal conditions.

"The CrestaTech X7 Smart Tuner is smaller, better and smarter than previously available silicon tuners - at roughly half the cost," said Torbjorn Folkebrant, CEO of CrestaTech. "With the X7 Smart Tuner, TV makers can leave outdated 'CAN' tuners behind once and for all and globally deploy high-quality TVs and set top boxes."

Implemented in a low-cost CMOS process, the CrestaTech Smart Tuner X7 supports all worldwide transmission standards in a single unit. In addition, the extensive library of captured field signals enables the Smart Tuner X7 to handle the most extreme cases of distortion, interference and noise conditions found anywhere in the world. This versatility enables global TV manufacturers to significantly lower costs by stocking a single silicon tuner, rather than multiple 'CAN' tuners to accommodate different regions. It also ensures that TVs using the Smart Tuner X7 will always deliver exceptional picture quality in any worldwide location.

"The X7 Smart Tuner improves the performance and features of previous Smart Tuner ICs," added Folkebrant. "Our sub GHz domain expertise continues to lead the industry, especially in areas like superior immunity to WiFi and LTE interference without the need for bulky or costly shielding. CrestaTech is well positioned to further penetrate the 500 million unit TV/STB market and expand into smart devices like smartphones, tablets and media players."

About the Smart Tuner X7

Smart Tuner technology is found in many of the world's top five global TV manufacturers. The new Smart Tuner is ideally suited for premium model TVs. Major benefits of the product include:

  • Full broadband tuning: 42MHz to 1002MHz
  • Field proven patented Smart Tuner architecture with upgradeable firmware
  • Built-in DSP with specialized algorithms for most signal impairments
  • Support for all worldwide digital and analog standards
  • CPU calibrated LNA and mixers for performance across entire Frequency spectrum
  • Excellent performance across the entire Frequency spectrum
  • Fully integrated and low system cost
  • Small surface-mount QFN package
  • No active external components
  • No balun transformer required
  • Can be used in any TV design in all global regions
  • Optimized for chip-on-board applications
  • Excellent immunity to interference, especially WiFi and LTE