Apple Rumor Roundup 2/12: Tim Cook Talks Screen Size, Retina vs. OLED, Cheaper Products & More!


Tim Cook, Apple's CEO is speaking as we type at the Goldman Sachs Technology and Internet Conference and is participating in a Q&A session that Apple has been streaming. Here's some points about future Apple products for us all to obsesss over...

Regarding OLED Displays (on Samsung and other Android Devices, vs. Retina) and screen sizes:

"First of all, I'm not going to talk about what we might do in the future. But, if you look back at the PC industry, companies have historically competed on two front - price & specs. Customers are interested in the experience. Do you know the speed of an Ax processor? It doesn't matter. So, when we look at displays, there are a lot of factors, and it's ALL about the experience. There are many details of a display, like Retina is twice as bright as OLED, and has better color saturation, and we sweat all of them to create the best experience, which is always broader than can be defined by a single number. "

What would Apple NEVER do?

"The only thing we'll never do is to make a crappy product. That's the ONLY religion that we have, that we must do something great, something bold, something ambitious, something great for customers. And, we sweat all of the details."

Will lower priced products like the iPad Mini bring down profit margins or increase market share?

"I get asked about cannibalization a lot, and the first time I remember being asked about this was the iBook versus the PowerBook. When the iPad came out, people said we were going to kill the Mac. The truth is we don't think about that. If we don't cannibalize, someone else will. In the case of iPad, the Windows PC market is huge, and there's a lot more there to cannibalize than there is of Mac. If a company ever begins to use 'cannibalization' as a major factor in their decision-making, it's the beginning of the end. If they don't, someone else will. If you look at the iPad, over 50% of the people buying iPad in countries like China and Brazil don't own any other Apple products. And, we've seen a VERY clear pattern of people buying an initial Apple product and then buying more. We've seen this halo effect with iPod for the Mac, iPod for iPhone, and now even iPad for iPhone. It seems perfectly reasonable to me to have both iPad and iPad minis in our lineup. I think this is going to be the mother of all markets, and customers are voting and they're buying."

More to come...